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Dowsing rods

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Dowsing tools

Throughout history and in different cultures, different types of dowsing tools have been used to increase human perception.

Types of dowsing tools are intended to amplify radiation that come from feelings, emotions, thoughts or bodies or measured places.
The dowsing rods

Dowsing tools

Dowsing tools


They are called dual or rod rods. They are characterized by two rods of metal “L” shaped, shorter arm (approx. 10-15 cm.) may or may not possess a handle is the handle. The long arm (measured between 20 to 40 cm.) is the one who gives the answer.

They are used by holding them by the handle in each hand in parallel one another. They can be used to measure the energy of an object or person located opposite to the dowser, or the energy field of a place. Yes answers can also be obtained or not.

The rods are dowsing tools function giving two types of responses: abierto(las puntas de las varillas se separan formando un Anglo de aperture igual o superior a los 90°) or closed (rods converge forming an “x”)

Open it can mean that the energy flows properly or the answer for the question is affirmative.
Closed, on the contrary, it is interpreted as that there is a lock in the energy circulation, the object is not found in that place or the answer for the question is negative.

In my practice I have used, quite successfully, a single-rod in order to know the address where the searched object can be found. I’ve known of Dowsers who use only rod for answers of Yes or no, depending on the direction they take, right or left, respectively.
The Aura metro

It is a very flexible metal rod or a spring that is held with a handle and the tip has a cone or cylinder heavy. It is a combination between rod and pendulum. Used horizontally (such as rods)

The aura metro stands out within the instruments of dowsing, provide four types of movement as a response: horizontal, vertical oscillation, turn to the right and left turn. Its most common use is to measure the energy of objects, people and places.
The pendulum

Pendulums can be different shapes, materials, weights according to their uses and individual preferences of the dowser. The pendulum may have a repertoire of movement very broad (right and left) turns and oscillations (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) can be used according to a Convention of response to answers of Yes and no.

Also the pendulum is used to measure the energy of a body or a place. It is common that the pendulum is used in healing detecting fluctuations bioenergetics of the human body. The areas of application of such instruments of dowsing can be: homeopathy, flower therapy, Crystal healing, energy healing, administration of vitamins, work with the chakras, etc.

Another application of the pendulum is the location of objects, minerals and water. You can also work on the subject of investigation or graphics, drawings or faithful to the subject of prospective witnesses. The great flexibility of use, makes pendulum dowsing instrument used.

Within the instruments of dowsing forks are preferred in search of minerals and water in the open field, since its structure is not susceptible to the wind. It is built by a branch of the tree in the form of “and” artificial cradles constructed of wood are also used. Taken with both hands in supine position and tip indicates the direction and exact location of the object is required to find.