XP DEUS Metal Detector wireless world sensation

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XP DEUS Metal Detector wireless world sensation – Wireless technology and ultra-fast signal processing makes the new top model of XP to the most advanced metal detector metal detecting for coins and collectibles. XP DEUS Metal Detector makes it possible to find more in areas with high concentration of iron waste or hard mineral conditions.

XP DEUS Metal Detector wireless world sensation

XP DEUS Metal Detector is a pioneering metal detector at several levels and represents a technological breakthrough. The patented construction consists of three electronic elements: a coil , a remote control and headphones , which are unique in that they communicate with each other by digital radio link . Power, speed , accuracy and a compact form with low weight is achieved through the use of leading-edge technologies . The signal is digitized and analyzed in the search head with an ultra modern digital circuitry, which improves reception of the signal. Search head sends the output signal to the headphones and remote control in real time via radio link . The headphones give you control over the most important features so that you can apply without the remote control for an even more portable configuration, only 875 grams. The headphones can be used for adjusting the sensitivity, discrimination , because balancing, frequency , multi -tone response, and activation of applications that have been made using the remote control.

XP DEUS Metal Detector is also available in the light version without remote control . The headphones are used as the controlling underground metal features. This allows you to get started with XP DEUS Metal Detector at a very affordable price and the remote control can be ordered later when you can afford and feel the need for this . The light version is superb in fields and areas with iron trash because of XP DEUS Metal Detector their distinct tones that make it relatively easy to identify and Eliminates most of the iron trash . In areas with heavy aluminum trash, such as parks and beaches and areas with much activity in recent times, the remote control will be advantageous effect that it makes it easier to identify aluminum trash with their ID display, but also where you can light version providing good results. However, you must be prepared to dig more trash because aluminum can provide the same bright and clear signals as coins and jewelry.

From 17.06.2013 we can offer XP DEUS Metal Detector with version 3 of the software. Owners of XP DEUS with older versions of the software can update it for free by downloading the update from the website of XP.

XP DEUS Metal Detector + BLISSTOOL LTC64X V2i Depth

Search deeper and faster

• Choose from one of four frequencies ( 4 kHz , 8 kHz , 12 kHz and 18 kHz ) at the touch of a button
– Low frequency deep , large objects ( 4 kHz and 8 kHz )
– High frequency dialed silver coins and gold jewelry and nuggets ( 12 kHz and 18 kHz )
• Adjustable speed (signal separation) in 5 levels
– Fast for areas with high concentration of dust (better signal separation)
– Slow for areas where you want the best possible depth range ( higher sensitivity )
• Audio response , iron level , multi toned notch , the Anti . , Mm.
• Many advanced features for experts
• Ground Balancing : Manual , Tracking, Pumping and Beach
• Motion and non -motion search modes
• Extended discrimination range with high precision for iron
• 9 factory program and memory for a personal program

Lighter and more compact

• Wireless digital link with 36 channels
• Lightweight at 975 grams for the entire detector , 875 grams when remote mounted belt ( belt pouch included)
• Remote control pocket-sized , magnetic mount , LCD backlit display and intuitive menu guidance
• Water resistant 23 cm (9- inch) DD coil impregnated with carbon fiber for strength and low weight
• Wireless headphones , lightweight and foldable , with LCD screen and switches to adjust the Important controls
• USB connector for battery charging and uploading new software updating
• Built- in rechargeable lithium – polymer battery for the search head , headphones and remote control
• Battery life of search head : Approximately 15 hours depending on the strength and frequency
• Battery life for remote and headphones : 27 hours
• The batteries hold 2-3 years in normal use and can be replaced at the dealer when required
• Fast and intelligent charger that charges all three components of 3 hours