What to expect from gold before the end of 2013 ?

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What to expect from gold before the end of 2013 ?


So , gold prices have already exceeded $ 1690 per troy ounce , and continue to storm the new levels , hoping to pass the $ 1695 mark in the near future .

Now experts have little doubt that the psychological barrier of $ 1700 would be passed this fall . The main factors influencing the rise in prices , are active buying of gold by central banks around the world , as well as emerging in recent disruptions to the production of gold.

Do not forget that its contribution to the growth of quotations and makes the U.S. Federal Reserve : Federal Reserve chairman intent Ben Bernanke to run for a third (QE3) times the printing press lead to the weakening value of the dollar , and thus push up the price of gold. The same can be said for the single European currency , as the European Central Bank has approached the launch of its counterpart of quantitative easing. It is important that the quotes of gold in euros are now at their maximum elevation for the entire current year.

Dynamics of gold on world markets can not fail to impress. Over the past two weeks the rising cost of the precious metal was about 5 % , far ahead of even the stock market , known for its volatility. Breaking a maximum of 5 months in 1692 , $ 71 per ounce , gold went up without much resistance .

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What will happen next ?


Everybody remembers how gold was preceded by markets in periods of the first two rounds of quantitative easing. From December 2008 to June 2011. yellow metal gained 70%. Support the U.S. economy by the Central Bank in two and a third trillion, is not passed in vain , so that all those who believed in Bernanke and his desire to feed the boiler with new portions of the U.S. fast -burning paper dollars , fell a great opportunity to earn good money .

However, in the last year , European and American monetary authorities to maintain neutrality (not counting questionable operation ” Twist” ), so that even invested in gold , and in order to close the case on the possible risks. The market has consolidated over the past 12 months , but now determined to go on improving .

According to the experience of the last year can be assumed that now mark of $ 1700 will be broken easily and begin a sharp and steady upward movement. Among traders appear more supporters of the theory that the following $ 100 gold before the end of the year will be mastered easily.

Because right now , economists say , things are going for gold well. The support of the fans did not give gold to protect sag for most of the year , covering raw materials from reliable spikes up and down. Basis for growth was formed, and now trying to reverse the trend simply makes no sense .

Moreover , last year’s top of $ 1920 per ounce led to the collapse of the gold market , so that the current dynamics of some experts tend to call more and recovery. Against this background, there is a perception that this is the recovery is just beginning , and its active phase is yet to come .