Explain the work a pluse star 2

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Explain the work a pluse star 2

Explain the work a plus star 2
1. to greater depth of 5 meters
2. distinguish between minerals
3. zero point more accurately
4. reduces battery consumption
5. lighter
Explain the work a plus star 2
1. the green light for a few weak metals such as iron and the like
2. red light for powerful metal plug such as gold, silver and bronze
3. exclude unwanted stuff such as iron and search some things in soil
4. display size
5. display of signal strength emitted from below and indicate the strength of the signal from the bottom
6. the sound and power
7. play audio or without tone
8. speakers
9. the shipper
10-light alo’shr
11. light battery
And a 10-hour battery-_igel
And works for four hours if the battery is empty
Size 16.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 19 cm with leather case
Weight 1.7 kg (without portfolio), 2.8 kg (with bag)
It can be used to search in shallow water
Table of depths
There is a regular bag of skin

There is a catalog of German and English