where to find gold & 5 Best Places To Find Gold

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where to find gold

But if the prospector is not sure how to find gold in the ground, you need to use special equipment, such as a metal detector. This device increases efficiency and reduces search time. The thing is that most metal detectors only react with metal, but to gold in pure form it’s insensitive. But the precious never settles in the ground alone, it has impurities from other elements, which interact with the metal detector.

where to find gold & How to find gold in the ground

To accurately check the presence of gold in the soil, you can take a sample of the ground and rinse it, do the samples in the labs, and detect the particles. The main thing is to use the device with high sensitivity to find even the smallest piece of metal. Metal detector is not effective for looking at gold in water. But just on a beach, there’s a chance to discover precious metals. It is possible that this is the river of gold, which has residual residue.

Today there are almost no undiscovered places. Therefore, if there is no mining in a particular territory or nearby, it means that there is really no gold there. In any case, the research needs to be approached seriously, otherwise the cost of the equipment will exceed the costs.

Where to find Gold – this may help you find gold on any gold bearing stream.

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where to find gold & 5 Best Places To Find Gold

where to find gold & 5 Best Places To Find Gold

Interest in the search for gold has not been extinguished for many centuries. And now it’s getting harder to find something out of this precious metal. However, having the necessary knowledge and skills is possible. Here are tips on how best to look for gold. Find out where the gold was found before. The best way to start searching for gold is to check those areas that were previously (or now). Look for old mines, rivers and streams, where they searched prospectors, and you added chances of success. Study geology. Explore the geological data of the place where you want to search for gold. You have to understand what types of rocks accompany gold. 3 important types of minerals to pay attention to-granite, slates and gneiss (quartz, field feldspar). These 3 types of rocks are present in most places where gold is located.