where to find gold & How to find gold in the ground

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where to find gold

A man has learned to mine gold for a long time. But despite the progress, this fascinating activity has not become easier. There are a lot of ways to find this precious metal. However, the most popular are washing sand, enriched with gold bits and gold mines. Scientists have calculated that for all time people were able to find gold. Half went on making ornaments, the quarter quietly rests in banks, and the rest is used for industrial purposes.

Gold is a precious metal that is present in the Earth, in the impurities of other metals and even in salt water, often in small quantities. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a gold nugget, as everything that was in sight was already grasped. However, small pieces of gold people are mined to this day.

where to find gold & How to find gold in the ground

Gold of all peoples extracted gold with a shovel and a tray. Dig a shovel of river sand and put in the tray. Then go down closer to the pond and start rinsing it. To do this, lower the sand just below the water level. With light rotational movements, make sure that the large stones disappear from the tray, and the bottom of the sand remains clean.

Gently tilt the tray. Light and light grains of sand move on it, and dark remained stationary in the center. Get rid of the light sand. Look closely at the remaining grains-suddenly on a dark background you will see a golden sheen. Repeat the rinse procedure many times, collect yellow grains of sand. This method requires a lot of patience, because not everyone can stand in a bent position all day.

where to find gold & How to find gold in the ground

In fact, the probability of stumbling upon a gold mine is negligible. However, it is really possible to meet places where in sand in small quantities contain grains of gold. The most successful place to find valuable metal is the seabed. Experts claim that the rag sea, this is a shocking fact. But there is no need for such a major event. In addition, the value of this metal will significantly decrease.

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But such items you should have a large quantity or free access to sand, water. The process of extraction of small particles of gold is very laborious and unsafe, as it is necessary to work with chemical reagents, mercury, acids. This method does not always justify itself in terms of profitability, so now increasingly rarely looking for and extract gold by this method.

Find metal in nature can be guided by impurities in the soil. Gold is often found in tandem with quartz rocks. Therefore, if there are quartz veins, it is likely that precious is also nearby. Sometimes with gold is the platinum. But with silver precious never found in nature.

How to find gold nuggets

How to find gold nuggets

How and where can I find gold ?

Although the times of the gold rush have passed, but the search for precious continue to actively pursue today, because it is gold illustrates the economic power of the state. But not only industrial companies, but also ordinary people are interested in the question of how to look for gold and where it is worth doing.

How to find gold?

In each state there are areas where gold is taking place and can be learned from different sources of information. The largest deposits are in the Urals, where gold is located in the mountains and on the slopes, in the Far East. In mines, as well as in the placenta, there are companies and acquisitions that produce valuable value and provide market needs. There’s no way to look for them, because black prospectors are an illegal type of work. But if you buy a license from the company that produces, you can independently extract from the Land of gold or rent for these purposes.

Where can I find gold

Where can I find gold

This method is the least expensive, because it is not necessary to look for gold in the ground, and most importantly it is already by professionals-geologists. This work will be highly efficient, because the machines that extracted the material before your arrival, low productivity, leave a lot of gold unnoticed and fall into dumps.