Tesoro Tejon vs Garrett ACE 250 discrimination test

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Tesoro Tejon metal detector

Tesoro Tejon-One of the universal metal detectors, which for several years remains the best of the best analogue. Badger (Tejon) is perfect for searching on historical places, medieval settlements, on territory of military operations and other.

Tejon professionals will appreciate the quick response from the purpose and accuracy of the definition of metals. Unlike digital detectors, Tesoro offers analogue detectors that will not spend precious seconds on signal processing, but quickly and accurately determine metal.

Tesoro Tejon is suitable for those who want to search at great depths. With a very simple view, without a digital display-the detector is a serious professional and is not inferior in the quality of search digital devices.

Tesoro Tejon metal detector

Tesoro Tejon metal detector Features:

The depth of the search for large items is 2m
Quick response from the target (allows you to find even the thinnest objects at quite large depths)

Stable operation in conditions of heavy her soil (Tejon without superfluous note will scan the area where other create useless sounds)

Manual adjustment of the threshold tone (allows you to search for different objects at different depths without problems)

Discrimination ED-180 (helps to determine the type of non-ferrous metals with low conductivity and avoids the error of falling into the range of metal-ferrous metals)

Metal Detector Tesoro Tejon is the flagship development of the American manufacturer of search equipment Tesoro Corporation. It is a powerful professional device with fast response, good detection depth and high sensitivity to small targets. In order to fully appreciate the advantages of Tesoro Tejon need to have certain skills, so the next novice researcher would better pay attention to other models.

Garrett ACE 250 metal detector

GARRETT ACE 250-a deep selective metal detector of pulse type, designed to search for treasures, coins, jewelry, etc. Information about the detected item and the battery level indicator is displayed on the LCD screen. The metal detector supports the selective search function, it is conveniently fixed on the hand and is convenient in operation. Rightfully occupies one of the leading positions in this market segment.

Garrett Ace 250 vs X-Terra 305

Garrett Ace 250 vs X-Terra 305

Garrett ACE 250 metal detector Features

Microprocessor control
Built-in speaker
Battery charge Indication
Headphone jack
Setting discriminator for a specific type of metal
Sound indication
Depth indicator
Manual adjustment