Fisher F5 Field Test

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Fisher F5-defeats all competitors price, functionality. Besides the standard functions, has a mode of deep searching Autotune All Metal and manual ground Balancing. Mode discrimination at Fisher F5 applies additional program processing for better trash separating, the display shows the level of ground mineralization and phase and the working frequency may be moved to avoid interferences. read (Fisher F5 As A Beach Metal Detector Reviews)

Fisher F5 Features

Detects small objects at a distance of up to 26 cm, large objects up to 120 cm.
Working frequency-7.8 kHz and the possibility of change in order to eliminate the influence of electrical noises.
Automatic and manual ground balance setting for maximum sensitivity.
Histogram Fe3O4 salinity and 2-digit index soil phase in the current time.
Static mode “PinPoint” with the change in the tone and pitch of the signal from the target.
Dynamic search modes-“ALL METAL” and “Discrimination”.
“NOTSN mode” allows you to selectively include or exclude certain categories of goals out of recognition.
LCD display with 8-segment of the Visual identity of the detected object for category purposes.
2-digit index of electrical conductivity of the object (ID) on a scale from 0 to 99. Makes it possible to distinguish and remember the goal.
2-digit target detection depth indicator search modes.
2-digit postcode soil phase is configured when you install the balance.
5-segment, objectives definition graphical indicator.
5 tweaks to work under different conditions and 4 tone beeps for objects of different types of metal.
Touch the power button “PIN-POINT”, “NOTSN”, change the operating frequency and choice of settings sound signals.
Regulators to change the sensitivity levels “,” discrimination “, the installation of ground balance and function of” Threshold “-sound threshold.
Elliptical, outdoor, waterproof coil 25 cm (10 “).
3-piece sectional sectional S-shaped bar with armrest.
LCD status indicator batteries. Power source-battery “krona” (9), 2 PCs.
The duration of battery life-up to 40 hours.
Standard 1/4-inch headphone jack.
Weight in working condition-1.45 kg.

Fisher F5 Reviews

Display the model Fisher F5 became richer than younger colleagues F4, here as there is scale VDI from 0 to 95 already has 4 segment led magnetic conductivity Fe 0 goals, a similar feature is found in the model F-75, the status indicator of the soil Phase, in the form of digital data from 0 to 99, in my opinion a very useful function, the upper scale is made in a traditional way as before, the Target ID. a pointer to the target depth combined with VDI time line when the button is clicked pinpoint, on the site of the VDI target indicator appears in inches.
On the left side of the display there is a pointer settings currently in digital form. A new type of indicator for Fisher, called him the Confidence that he does, he points to the possible identification of goals, remember how u Whites MXT, on how much above is filled with the column barografa, so exactly detector identified goal. Here the same thing. Fisher F5 has 4-piece tone audio discriminator.
Threshold function always pleases me personally, if present on the metal, experienced search engines will understand me, without her, I do not imagine, for example, productive work, although perhaps someone accustomed to cost and without it. The F5 Threshold function is present, has settings from -9 to 9 on a scale on the display.
The same detector is frequency-shift function, managed all this Freq button farm include a number with F5 another metal detector as usual, we’ve got a strong interference, but just stepping away for a couple of steps away from this scourge can be dispelled, do not know why you want to shift the frequency, in this case, surely someone to Kopa walks next to each other and peeks over the shoulder Maybe this feature will be useful in the event of interference or interference from electrical appliances or power cables.

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