gold and its physical and chemical properties

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Atomic number gold

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Gold precious metal yellow color, with its flexibility and adaptability and resistance to corrosion, and has been used for decoration for more than 5,000 years, the gold miner of 0.005 ppm of the Earth’s crust is estimated to have been approximately 130,000 tonnes of mining gold.

Yellow Gold:

For pure gold a strong yellow color with a hint of Orange and gold mixed with silver and copper and zinc, sometimes resulting in shots of yellow gold, with a control condition of copper, gold and silver, and generally the color tends to pallor whenever decrease calibers.
White Gold:
It went up with the countries time to make it white and this metal has been presented during the 1920s as an alternative to Platinum and white gold is usually used as a base for jewelry sets.
gold and its physical and chemical properties

gold and its physical and chemical properties


Gold believed to exist since ancient times, and use it in the history as a tool and the Golden artifacts archaeologists and exquisite jewelry dating back to the era of the Sumerians, the year 3000 BC, in the Royal Tomb at ur (southern Iraq). The goldsmiths gold in the curative in Peru civilization made pots and antique gold with gold and mixed, since the year 1200 BC.


Gold precious metal extracted from the subsoil, it features a unique chemical and physical properties make it valuable and essential minerals for various everyday uses in our modern life.
And require thousands of electric devices used daily use gold to achieve effective performance for a long time, gold is the metal for recycling and not affected by water, air and oxygen, it does not lose its luster and does not corrode stainless steel.
These unique characteristics have made gold a vital component of medical and industrial equipment and electrical appliances.

First basic rules:

Gold purity is measured in carats, and is considered the caliber of 24 carat gold bullet is the net although 24 karat gold looks beautiful and compelling but too mushy to be drafted in the form of ornaments or jewelry, it is mixed with other metals to increase his power. 18 k gold is 18/24, or three quarters of pure gold, the jewels of this caliber zip 18k, 750, European design means 75% of gold. In the United States, gold is common caliber 14 or 583 parts of pure gold, and bears the symbol 14k. So you should always look for a symbol or the caliber when buying gold jewelry.


Do not be deceived when shopping by compromising on gold. There are four factors that determine the price of a piece of jewelry: caliber, weight in grams design and manufacturing wages. Indicates the weight and caliber on the quantity of gold in the piece, but there are other important factors determine the price too is the design and formulation of the piece and the calculated price based on the weight of gold in grams only, of course, does not include the value of the work done on the piece.
Gold jewelry can be formulated in several colors. What we call the yellow gold is made by mixing gold with copper and silver. Do you prefer green gold? Manufactured using silver, copper and zinc. Umm do u like the warmth of gold pink? It is manufactured using copper. As for the white hottest is made using nickel or palladium, zinc and copper.


To maintain the style, you should save it away from dust, humidity and sweat and cosmetics
Avoid washing gold jewellery with water and normal SOAP, it leaves pale membrane on the roof and loses the gold sheen.
Avoid fall of gold on earth or throws to avoid and composite stones occurring.
Avoid wearing jewelry when using chemicals or doing work hard that gold metal is strong, but can be scratched.
Protect your jewelry stored in cans lined jewelry or a soft cloth when not worn.
Always inspect your jewelry from any damage or weakness, and bond with other base metals to Goldsmith for repairs if necessary.