Gold ions and the discovery of gold

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Gold ions and their role in target detection

As gold does not attract not only strong ions has composed about gold a magnetic field but weak for ions, using modern techniques to respond with the palaces are basically rather indiscriminate targeting.
Now we explain ions through Science:
Aldalf or tramp or stray (or ion in literal translations) is an electrically charged atom after a chemical reaction (I took or gave electrons to an atom or group of atoms), and dalf are also as a set of atoms are called Ionic group, ion are of two types:
Dalf positive or positive ion (computer modeling): it is an electrically neutral atom, the number of protons which is greater than the number of electrons that the positive charge in the atom of higher negative charge. The positive impact of loss of aldalf consists of the atom for electrons (positive amount of charge you take corn to the number of electrons lost). For example, if you lose the corn alleviating one after impartial (neutral, i.e. the number of protons = number of electrons), number of protons becomes greater than the number of electrons in one unit that corn shipped a positive charge (+ 1).
Dalf negative or negative ion (anion) is an electrically neutral atom number of electrons which is greater than the number of protons, i.e. the negative charge in the atom is greater than the positive charge. The amount of negative charge of the atom to the number of electrons gained by Atom, for example if the atom one electron, which becomes the largest number of electrons in one unit of the number of protons as a negative electron, then shipped the corn shipment (-1).
This classification of positive and negative ions scientifically proves that blood faction linked to strong copper bars work if blood which clique and threw with anions are strongly to’ks and vice versa with true … And always gold ions, and other minerals I don’t know about anything initially.
This scientific analysis and precise definition of the halls, now begin with simple conversational speech to deliver information in an easy way for the reader …
Ions is a atomic radiation (consisting of atoms) graduated from gold after gold for longer overlap and land interaction with soil and what the composition of the Earth and regularity with magnetic North-South lines, shorthand, as customers gold stainless steel and does not oxidize.
And ions go out like a light and have properties similar to light, i.e. it implemented through dirt, particles and cannot implement of stones and metal barriers, this is one of the largest disadvantages of hardware that uses ion research.
Even copper rods respond to these rays.
And the ions out of the sides and edges of rocks, the biggest trap for users and the skewers so they are looking for objective over directly run ions come out straight, and this speech vulgar nature only one case, if it does not exist any barrier or impediment.
This is concise and very useful to understand the composition of ions of metals, specifically gold metal, and inshallah I separate topics from energy and mineral fields and radiation and other objectives