gold remote sensing detector

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gold remote sensing detector


gold remote sensing detector    MF 1200 SMART
(MF 1200 SMART) is the main instrument in the beginning began catching treasures professional, electronic product is great wealth for its own functions and great potential lies with sophisticated exploration of technology arts treasures, the latest device from a gold and burials URLs that remote-sensing feature, set up and programming device (MF 1200 SMART) the most accurate level of exits waveforms for the signals sent to Earth goals , The device works transmitter technology set and try again and again.
Technical specifications:
-Graphic LCD 128X64.
-List of user-friendly keypad.
-Software the device on several lists of software appear on the screen to set up your device to search.
-Select menu language: English, French, German, Turkish, Persian, Arabic.
-Select Search depth level: 1 pm – 5 pm – 10 pm – 20 m – 30 m-40 m.
-List of thadidmstoi space: 250-500-1000-2000 m.
List search conditions: gold, silver, copper, aluminum, diamond, caves, gold ore, voids, and cavities, property chose metal before the start of the search.
The device works on the 12 volt battery to work for 12 hours of work, rechargeable.
-Battery power level indicator (shown on screen)
-Digital signal processing (DSP)
-Automatic work in all soil conditions.
-Supported send waveform line sent to Earth.
-GPS receiver with voice tracking system.
-An additional receiver to receiver antennas property.
-Detection results appear within one minute only.
-Select the target location accuracy.
-Operating temperature from-20 ° c to + 50 °C °C ° c
-Can be stored in temperatures of-15 ° c to + 40 °C °C ° c
-Can be stored and in average air humidity 5% to 75%
-Easy and anyone can use it.
-Exact treatment unit weight is 400 g.
-Full receiver weight 300 g.

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