GRIZ metal detectors for gold

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GRIZ metal detectors for gold

GRIZ metal detectors for gold

The machine has the features and characteristics of the global detection metal detectors for gold running electromagnetic device provider search sensor system is extremely sensitive to capture whatever depth and currency smallness and discover gold and treasures and minerals with distinguished

Specifications and techniques

The machine system electromagnetic research
Automatic search system works for accurate results with maximum soil salinity and mineral
Specialized systems detect hidden treasures gold
Exploration depth: 6 m
Multiple data indicate a target light and sound and amps to size

Parts and components

Bag to prevent the main unit and was able to carry the device easily
A large bag to contain and store the device with full equipment
Battery 12 volt
220 v electric charger
Charger for your device installed in the vehicle
Ensure for a year
Bulgarian industry first degree
English and Arabic catalogues


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