Guizhou anshun display metal detecting underground best

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Guizhou anshun display metal detecting underground best

Guizhou anshun best use of metal detectors, metal detectors where to look to find the Guizhou anshun new without
Depth of Inugami GPS metal detector is underground metal import Japanese detectors. This product is designed deliberately refinement, it achieves the depth and accuracy of positioning, resolution, easy to operate, with the behavior of the new age of technology.
Guizhou anshun display metal detecting underground best
Is mainly used in metal detectors to detect metal objects, and select hidden in the ground.
In addition to military uses, it can also be applied to:
Customs inspections and safety checks;
Public Security Ministry examined the cracked Interpol;
Metallic foreign body detection in raw materials, fuel and food;
Check mail, luggage and packages of mineral elements;
Underground pipeline detection;
Iron exploration and mineral prospecting, archaeology,
Discover the treasures of gold and silver and metal objects buried in the ground;
Scrap metal recycling.
, Mineralization reaction:
The use of metal detectors on old-fashioned, and most annoying problem is the ground impact. With the changes in a probe with a land instrument as continued changes in investigation of change sweeping across uneven ground, the player seems to be everywhere to hear the audio signal, figure out where the real buried metal. And this phenomenon is called “mineralization reaction.
“Mineralization reaction” reasons, which are mineral soil tool “reaction” very strong mineralization in soil structure complex, and caused even greater signal signal, then the operator and the burial is difficult to judge where he eventually metal mineralization reaction. And this instrument is equipped to balance between lines, to remove all “mineralization reaction”, only in the metal sensor signals only, so it is a significant improvement in the depth and accuracy of detection.
The second means of identification:
In this way it is possible to distinguish non-ferrous and ferrous metals, and can be selected according to instruction of voices, and unwanted tools and objective. Cannot select balanced, cannot be excluded due to soil structure caused by impact, which requires maintaining strict investigation at the same distance from the ground, slowly move parallel to the ground.
The adjustment process as follows:
1, the key identification file;
2, press the button. Rotary tuner is powered on and modify
, Excluding those who do not require recognition of the handle to adjust the target in accordance with the specific conditions of the voice “. Nail scrap A lot of places to detect, for example, the ubiquitous spikes issued a reference, the work of detection is very convenient. Facing such a situation, you can put nail in advance on the ground, so the investigation engulfing the nails, increase the voice of the instrument, press the button, to “work with the adjustment handle (left-counterclockwise) rotation point, release the button review, if the volume down, and achieve the same away, press the button, a little” adjustment “to the rotation (clockwise) to the right, release the button and then the investigation to move iron nailed to try again, move directly to the sound itself. A good tune, and black metal screws nails deep in the ground they will not increase the sound of the instrument of non-ferrous metals, as well as large black metal will send a greater voice instrument.
4, minimum handle put down, non-ferrous metal sound, increase ferrous metals did not respond; handle determines the maximum amount of non-ferrous metals, not responding to increasing black metal sound. If the target is a black sheet metal, there would be a particular phenomenon: the investigation closer to the edge, it reacts with ferrous metals themselves
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