How technology changed the way we see home security

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Since the development of technology and the improvement of quality of living, and the anti-theft alarm system effectively help people to prevent the crime of theft. Until about 5 years ago, the home security industry was fairly static. Boxes, sensors, lights and alarms were the industry standard and that there were ways to customize the solution most remained anchored in a conventional system. read also : How to choose smoke and gas detectors.


We do a brief review of the main aspects and the most visible changes in the home security industry:

There has been rapid progress in a few years and we have entered the age of the smart home. The challenge is no longer to help keep your home safe, but it is in making your home work for you, on issues of surveillance. There has been a change and instead of outdated systems that lack of personalization, owners and tenants are turning to various traditional types of solutions, from alarm systems to the most sophisticated high technology services to complete solutions. Some can operate at 100% from a Smartphone.

Also there has been an evolution in the home security industry, which has led to the convergence of both trends and the rise of services of high quality and projection for the future.

These are three notable changes we have seen in recent years:

The home security becomes intelligent

The implementation of security systems is now as smart as your phone can it be and so technology how can be it their computers. A new trend that we are seeing is that the home security is becoming a complement rather than a basic service offering.

More definition video monitoring

Remember the outdated images in black-and-white surveillance that appeared during the early years of 2000. These cameras were better life to appear on the market the affordable high definition cameras. Today homeowners already are not using video surveillance only to prevent theft and possible images of who has broken into your home, but that the owners are focusing more on being proactive with this type of technology. When connecting the monitoring by video from their homes to their tablets or smartphones, they are able to control who enters and leaves your home.

This means that you can control and monitor children if they are playing in the garden, or see if they become good of the College, we can see maintenance employee arranging tickets and out of the home and any potential intruder who wants to make an unwanted visit.

Smart homes also has more to offer in terms of insurance. Smartphone won’t stop his example of lighting control, but will receive a warning message from sensors installed on Windows or doors, as if approaching from home. Insurance jobs such as these are extremely helpful in providing greater independence for seniors. For example, can a device connected to the network and is equipped with motion sensor that sends a distress call to the emergency if someone falls.

Today, we have access to solutions of self-control and monitored by professionals from the Central alarm receiver solutions, but it is entirely possible that we can observe most evolved options over the next few years.

The homeowners have their alarm system into its own pocket

Before the advent of the Internet, it was almost impossible to justify the cost of a home security systems. When installing security systems, tenants must notify the homeowners who want to install a security system in the home, and entails carrying out the installation.

Thanks to the wifi and bluetooth, security vendors are able to provide home security solutions can be adapted to all kinds of shapes and sizes, especially for the owners of the houses, for thus always know that your property is protected against any possible danger, and proportional so tenants greater peace of mind and security.

Fire detectors and gas leaks are more important than decoration expenses

Most of our houses lacks basic safety requirements, which can be described as low-priced, but invaluable price simultaneously due to its effectiveness time calamities and disasters that may occur, and that most of us don’t learn a lesson from them only after suffering personal experience, so rarely find in our homes by means of prevention and safety requirements and what we observe is most of us are luxuries at home, find our homes filled with plush interiors and antiques all shapes and prices.