How to deal with gold

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How to deal with gold

Coins and ingots of pure gold susceptible to damage due to high flexibility. Scratches, dents or original packaging open may result in partial loss of value of the product.

How to deal with gold



Here are some guidelines on how to deal with the product of gold to avoid damage:


Do not remove coins or ingots of packaging (plastic capsules, the packing space).


Always keep the unit via edge or edges.


Do not touch the surface of the product, because the presence of fingerprints reduces their value. Cannot remove fingerprints on the polished surface. Even in the soft tissues of the friction on the surface of the product leaves microscopic scratches.


If necessary, touch the product it is advisable to wear clean white gloves.


Not achieve the softness of gold, it’s an attempt to “age.”


Keep the coins in separate packages. In connection with all other coins can be bumps and scratches.


Do not scratch the coins or bullion on any surface.


If necessary, remove the product from its packaging, place it on a clean, soft surface. The ideal surface is velvet. In the case of products with a high hardness (typically, samples of 900 and 917) and can use a soft, clean cloth or paper.
PS! The above recommendations are primarily for new gold coins and paintings. Many of the historic gold coins in circulation as a means of payment, and scratches and shocks. Despite this, it has kept the market value of gold.

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