How to predict the future price of gold?

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Last week’s spike in gold prices to $2,135 proved short-lived. As quickly as this new historic high came, the record price level also faded away. At the same time, the new peak still gives an outlook on the expected development of gold prices in 2024. Currently, the internationally high level of interest rates is still able to deter the price of gold from rising, but in 2024 a period of interest rate reduction may very well begin, and gold prices may respond by rising.

The price of gold in the global market is experiencing a slight decline after a rapid rally in October, when the price reached just over $2,000. There was no room for further growth in the hectic market, so the exchange rate is now correcting its rapid rise in October. The October march was sparked by the sudden eruption of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict earlier this month and fears of further escalation thereafter. The geopolitical tensions that exist in the world may have an impact on the market until the end of the year and even thereafter.

predict the future price of gold The most superficial Google search will give you a great number of websites, where all sorts of experts offer their fortune future gold prices. And you can see that most of their previous forecasts gold prices are confirmed. However, whether it was the result of methodological approach or it’s all a matter of blind luck? In the end, and broken watches twice a day show the correct time.

When it comes to buying and selling gold, even the biggest players in the market are forced to make assumptions based on a thorough examination of the situation. Suffice it to say that if there was some kind of system protection against errors in the forecast gold prices, they would know about it.

Let us take a closer look at the price of a Troy ounce and explain that what determines.

As the price of gold is associated with the dollar?

The price of gold and the dollar have an inverse relationship, so to speak, i.e. when one of them goes down, the other goes up. When the dollar weakens, gold grows. However, it is very important to know that these relationships are not perfect are correlated. For example, strong movements of one does not always correspond to the same strong movement of the other.

Over the past few decades, the value of the dollar because inflation steadily decreases. And during all this time the price of gold is rising. Since inflation was inevitable in the past nearly 100 years, those who predicted a rise in gold prices, in fact, no risk. True, there were short periods of tightening monetary policy, but they occurred extremely rarely.

Supply demand and price of gold

The main question relates to why gold and the dollar back in hand. If you can understand that, then you get a great basis for deciding when it’s time to sell all their jewelry and gold bullion.

Dollar is a matter of monetary exchange. However, it is only a piece of paper, which by themselves are worthless. Gold is also the subject of monetary exchange. However, unlike the dollar, gold has its own independent value, caused by the cost of the metal. In nature the amount of gold is limited. And you cannot print infinitely, as paper money. For this reason, gold is used as a stock value.

And gold and the dollar are subject to supply and demand. Than the somewhat inconsistent proposal, the higher demand and the higher the price. When people begin to fear the destruction of the values of the dollar, they usually begin to buy gold. As a result, price Troy ounce starts to rise against the dollar.