Jeohunter metal detector 3d three-dimensional dual system

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Jeohunter metal detector 3d three-dimensional dual system

JeoHunter 3D System metal detector is a detection system that is
manufactured with the latest technology. This detector is capable of performing the most advanced metal detection and probably is the detector that detects deeper in the world. The JeoHunter 3D system is designed to locate the deep treasures, whether metal objects or cavities.
With the standard search of the JeoHunter system coil 3D can detect up to 8 meters deep metal objects.
You will experience the thrill of the search in the deep areas where ancient metals that have not been explored by anyone before, with deep search coil can reach a depth of 12 meters.
With surface coil, you can search with the LED display on the control of the detector up to 6 meters depth.
You can enjoy the convenience of having 3 detectors at the same time that I bought JeoHunter 3D Dual system.
JeoHunter metal detector is available in a standard package. Product series consists of the SystemBox JeoHunter to search up to 8 meters depth.
Detected objects, shown on a screen color in the 3D view. It is also possible to configure a 2D view of the object. The display shows what types of metal have been encontradso. These different points of view and information help the user to perform a very precise analysis.
The JeoHunter is a detector of great depth, but goes far beyond his depth, and 2D / 3D views of images. It is possible to save the images and see again in another place or another time for analysis.
With the Jeohunter 3D metal detector, it is not necessary to immediately dig. The field can be registered, images can be saved immediately without digging. The excavation can be done but it is not required with this system. The 2D and 3D views can be used in another place and at another time for further analysis. The views can be evaluated by experts. This not only saves time, but also unnecessary excavation and money activities. Especially if you work at great depths.
JeoHunter metal detector can therefore be used as a super metal detector.
In previous years, this kind of great depth detectors was used only by government agencies, companies or organizations of construction, archaeology, or professionals.
The detector manufacturer Makro has 25 years of experience in the field of great depth detectors and has become one of the best brands at great depths. The JeoHunter is used around the world. This deep metal detector is now also accessible for amateur users. Makro detector has become possible to make an acceptable price for this professional detector.
JeoHunter metal detector is widely used in countries where gold, but they are also often used on large excavations. The great depth of the JeoHunter metal detector is very popular and in recent years has become one of the best and most affordable metal detectors.
The JeoHunter is used for the search of hidden treasures and antiquities (think of the second world war), but is also used to find underground cavities. Underground cellars, small caves, passages and tunnels.
The JeoHunter is also used in the construction industry. The system can be used to analyze land. In some cases, the JeoHunter system is used to investigate the soil. Consider, for example, old landfills, underground cavities, pipes and cables, buildings of reinforced concrete (metal) storage tanks. The JeoHunter can show all this in 3D view.


60 X 100 cm dish + dish 36 x 44 cm + 21 x 31, 5 cm dish.
Bag + bag dishes + bag electronics + headphones + charger + battery + car charger.