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The X-Terra 305 is a detector designed for those who are new to this hobby, a solid detector, without functions that can be confused. A detector ideal for those who want a professional appliance while they take their first steps in the field of detection, a high precision equipment which has frequency VFLEX technology.
With the X-Terra 305 you can easily detect coins, relics and treasures. A detector that weighs little, well balanced, with automatic ground Balance, multiple shades of identification of the object, the object’s numerical representation, indicator of depth and cue function.
Main features.
Easy to understand because its handling is intuitive, as well as an ergonomic design.
Account with exclusive Minelab “True Digital” VFLEX technology, making that single frequency detectors can change frequency to the only change the coil.
It reaches a depth of 1 m.
9 “Coil.
A truly automatic ground Balance that eliminates false positives and noise from the ground.
In 12 segments, sound and numerical discrimination, also has 2 patterns.
Exact location (Pinpoint) through a graphical indicator and a variable tone mode.
Optional accessories.
DD coil brand COIL TEK 15 ”.

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