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• Offer all exploration companies in the world and the owners of farm land, modern technology developed for detecting groundwater and artesian wells, the technology that lies in a Pro master 2012.
This machine which is a miracle in the field prospecting for water so that it has the specifications and features that are not found in any other device at all.
• Is my Master Pro 2012
More efficient and capable of detecting underground water with precision and ease and simplicity.
And is unable to determine the paths of water into the soil and the device can be connected to the water gathering place on Earth no doubt.
• The 2012 Master Pro
A very clever system that could give full detail on water quality detected (salty-sweet) and device can also segregation and discrimination between surface water and groundwater and seawater and also can see water quality in HD and see how much water is quite deep and discovered through scans sensitive device
The device (Master Pro 2012) the most widely used of all exploration companies in the world so that this machine is universal for all water and detection tools is quite easy in use can any normal person to work on this machine. 
Device functions
• Device (Master Pro 2012) this device works on innovative modern geological survey system in America which broadcast high-strength electrical signals to the ground and work a full geological survey place to consideration and give full detail on Earth on the screen which shows the electronic signals detected by the device.
• This device is equipped with my antennae up system (Pro master 2012) so as to enable the stress and strengthen your device readings to penetrate rocks or any hindrance in the geological formation of soil and give detailed data clearly and accurately and ignore any imaginary or any ground moisture.
Features and specifications
• Measure reveals the area Super fast within minutes to give you the result directly on the screen.
• Limits the target and the target Center sets you time you can start drilling immediately.
• Depth finder thing sets you.
• Latest global digital automatic detection system.
• Measure the water depth up to 500 meters underground.
• Covers the detection (1000 m2).
• Equipped with automatic tuning keys and lights help.
• Equipped with four sensors in the ground cultivated ground to search.
• Equipped with four wired units to deliver energy to Earth.
• With battery power (12) Volt rechargeable.
• Special charger 220 volt.
• Protective bag to the device and the device installed inside to keep.
• Note: this device has several models with different depths (80-120 m-320 m-500 m).
• Warranty (warranty) 5 years under maintenance conditions.
• American industry.