pure gold poppers what is it

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pure gold poppers what is it

You probably have heard the word ” gold coin ” and saw in the sale of products made ​​of pure gold . That’s why you will surely be interested to know the answer to the question: pure gold – what is it ? This material is a high grade gold alloy , which has a reddish tint .

1. Pure gold , in some cases , may not even be red , and magenta. This color is due to it added to the composition of copper and a special heat treatment of the alloy. If pure gold has a pronounced reddish tinge , for sure, it added a large amount of copper.

pure gold poppers what is it



2 . This type of gold is different from the usual all precious metal only in the number and quality of ligatures.

3 . Also copper is added to pure gold and a small amount of silver. Thanks to him , ready alloy acquires glitter .

4 . additives in pure gold can not be more than ten percent . That is why , this alloy has a high sample because it contains ninety percent pure precious metal.

5 . Pure gold can easily deform and bend due to the fact that it is soft enough .

6. Product cost of pure gold is higher than conventional gold alloy .

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