Search for treasures through the metal detector

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Search for treasures through the metal detector

More and more individuals, because of the constant rise in prices of gold but also following many television reports that have helped publicize this activity, are required to conduct research on their property. The actual detection may then begin. Search for a buried metal deposition is trickier than it seems at first. Indeed, despite what the advertisements of the manufacturers of metal detectors can suggest, particularly at the level of the adjustment of the level of discrimination that is supposed to allow only detect that some type of metal while ignoring others, in reality, with a so-called “recreational” metal detector (those found in trade), it is impossible to distinguish reliable between the different types of metals.

Search for treasures through the metal detector


In fact a piece of aluminum may have the same electromagnetic signature than gold, and conversely, gold can be detected by the device as aluminum. The homes themselves and their surroundings (gardens, cellars, dependencies) being polluted by a large number of metal objects, this explains why treasures detection requires the use of a hardware professional expensive, such as a radar of soil, which allows the location to both the metal masses but as the underground cavities, and a metal detector pulse induction which allows, without having to discriminate against, to override the scrap metal surface to detect metal masses buried deep in the ground.

How to become a researcher’s treasure?

Become a researcher of effective Treasury requires, beyond the control of detection equipment complex to implement, be passionate about the discoveries, because the research of family assets that we have to do in the home are often quite delicate and requires a strong perseverance and experience. Indeed, most of the research take place in houses still inhabited, or inhabited until recently, hence the difficulties caused by the interference of electric cables and metal ductwork that disrupt the electromagnetic field of the metal detector. Beyond the means of electromagnetic detection, let play his sixth sense, and instead of the presumed injector grass.