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People have been engaged in treasure-hunting for a long time, one way or another. But, if in ancient times they were driven by a thirst for profit, today such pastime is more a hobby than a way of earning. Although some do it professionally and earn well. The search has been developing particularly rapidly since about the end of the last century. Three main factors contributed to this:.

Of course, you can search with the help of conventional army mine detectors, or even make a metal detector with their own hands, but such a device is likely to react poorly to small targets and determine the type of metal, which is very important when searching. The homemade metal detector is suitable for finding scrap metal, but is unlikely to please the owner with really valuable finds.

What can i find with a metal detector?

With the device you can find anything from rusty nails to treasures with gold and silver coins and other valuables. Of course, treasures find only the luckiest treasure hunters, usually their valuable finds are coins and various milling things. The cost of some coins can reach several tens of thousands of dollars, or even much more. It all depends on the rarity of the find and its preservation.

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underwater metal detector reviews gold underwater oldest ship in the world, Turkey held underwater treasure hunting underwater

Where should I look?

Valuable finds are found everywhere where people once lived. There you can find a lot of interesting things that a person could accidentally drop or intentionally hide. Very popular with treasure hunters are tracts – abandoned settlements. Identify such places usually by the method of overlaying the old map on a new one, as well as on some signs of the terrain: the presence in the ground fragments of brick and pottery, the remains of foundations, etc.

In such places the finds will definitely be a metal detector, but their value will depend on the history of the area and the luck of the digger. Getting to the abandoned tract is sometimes very difficult, you have to wade on forest roads, and even at all on a complete off-road. The most accessible tracts are usually primarily visited by diggers, but this does not mean that the finds there will not be, they just will be less. In any case, the number of finds will depend on the device and, of course, the preparedness and luck of the treasure hunter.

Is it worth doing treasure-hunting?

Many make the mistake of buying an expensive metal detector solely for profit. Yes, a particularly lucky digger metal detector is able to bring a good income, but to count on it, especially without the claido-finder experience, is not worth it. If you approach the treasure-hunting as a hobby, then here you can list a lot of positive points:

familiarity with the history of the native land, thanks to finds and trips;
huge health benefits (nature, fresh air);
additional income (some finds can cost quite a decent);
pumping their off-road skills, personality traits, etc.

If at least one of these points you are interested, then at least try yourself in this case is definitely worth it. Many people, having dug up their first find, devote a significant part of their time to this hobby and get a lot of pleasure from it, which is very important in our busy life.

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