TS-80 metal detectors, hand-held for safety

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TS-80 metal detectors, hand-held for safety



Good metal detector sensitivity knob

1. Professional manufacturer of

2.Vibration and audio

3.can a 180 degree


TS-80 metal detectors, hand-held for safety

High sensitivity detectors real metal by hand, folding round TS-80

Product description:

Dimensions: 395mm * 140mm

Packing size: 52.5 cmX cmX 31.6 37.8 cm

Working power supply: 9V battery 6F22ND

Alarm mode: sound and light (switch)

Detection distance:

PIN: 10 ~ 20MM

50 grams of copper: 40 ~ 70MM

IC chip: 10 ~ 20MM,

Razor blade: 40 ~ 55MM

MP3 motherboard: 15 ~ 30mm.

• 20MM ball: 80 ~ 90 mm

U disk: 30 ~ 40mm,

Six-inch dagger: 130 ~ 150mm

Phone Panel: 30 ~ 40mm

Gun: 150 ~ 200MM

(Products in line with the different national standards)

Product features:

TS-80 metal detectors, hand-held for safety

A high detection accuracy.

(2) detection range: not just sensitive measurement of iron, but also sensitive with copper, zinc, aluminum, silver, Tin, etc.

(3) audio (or vibration) and the alert light.

(4) low power consumption: standard 9V alkaline batteries work more than 20 hours.

(5) functions of circuit design: over a long period of use, precision metal detector always stays the same.

(6) will rise Bell alarm to remind you must replace the batteries when consumed electricity. .

(7) adjust accurately detect easily … Application of places:

A. swords and guns check safety: airports, prisons, and public security organs and armed forces, customs stations, etc.

B. security checks: Government agencies, large companies, and meeting location, pitches, great places, etc.

C. factory anti-theft with inspection: hardware manufacturer, electronics factory, cable factory, warehouse, etc.

D. baggage security check: mail, logistics systems, etc.

E. product quality inspection: textiles, foodstuffs and medicines systems, etc.

F. other applications: OLAF selection exam.

WHOLESALE voice handle metal vibration detector status


TS-80 metal detectors, hand-held for safety