Water Metal Detecting Minelab Ctx 3030 -Tesoro Tiger Shark Reviews

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The long-awaited from Minelab. Minelab CTX 3030 Metal detector was officially presented in the spring of 2012 and there are high expectations on him. Its unique features: it underwater, it has GPS navigation, RF headphones and color display, Minelab CTX 3030 Metal detector can be submerged in water to a depth of 3 metres, This unique feature will search for coins not only on land, but also underwater. Now there is no need to buy specialized detector to search for jewelry underwater. CTX3030 combines the best of subterranean Minelab prospecting and underwater. 3 m will not explore the wrecks, but this is more than enough to find gold jewelry in the coastal strip.

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Underwater metal detector VFL with integrated microcontroller, designed to work in both fresh and salt water. It has two modes of searching of all metals with VCO-indication: with slow and fast tuning threshold and discrimination mode, allowing you to use it as an under water and the ground search. There is also a switch of searching conditions: salty water, the usual conditions. The device has a manual ground Balancing can dive to 60 m and is equipped with piezo headphones. There are 2 variants of the rod Assembly: shortened for underwater and ordinary for ground search.

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Water Metal Detecting Minelab Ctx 3030 -Tesoro Tiger Shark Reviews

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