Metal detector Minelab CTX 3030

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Metal detector Minelab CTX 3030

Metal detector Minelab CTX 3030

Breakthrough technology in search engine near you!
Australian company Minelab  have already become accustomed to the fact that its new products are waiting on every continent, so trying not only frequently updated its line of advanced metal detectors, but the issue at the mountain, “is so good product that many search engines are just eye because it is more advanced device capabilities.

Metal detector Minelab CTX 3030



In the spring of 2012, keen seekers held another view of modern and progressive models that opens an entirely new starting point for further movement in the field of creating powerful and intellectually with the search engines of the 21st century!


Minelab CTX model 3030 waited and it, frankly, exceeded even the wildest expectations, so the detector does not fit into the traditional framework and even dreams of an advanced metal detector!


 While rave reviews colleagues already have stirred our imagination, and, in all honesty, we were already in love with the new Minelab CTX 3030!
But still a delight the afterimage is a bad adviser, so we quite honestly come to the review and describe the characteristics of the detector to make not advertising copy, and clear the picture, in which the image of Minelab CTX3030 would be passed very well and clearly, without exaggeration, but at the same time reflect the actual good qualities of metal detector!


Detecting box appeared before us, and we with some internal trembling disclosed it. With the Minelab CTX 3030  is very rich and full is immediately striking, and I want to jump for joy, not every day can be a witness to the fact that nothing will not have to buy more, except perhaps in the batteries, but it’s not terrible and not necessarily!
The detector also comes with quite a wonderful thing is the wireless headphone module and control unit.


Naturally, with the included USB cable to the computer, as well as a full set of instructions, as master of this complex instrument with five minutes well did not work, so all performed at the highest level and even a novice will find all the answers in the detailed text articulation skills with detector!


Finally, prying off the look of a rich bundle, switches on the appliance itself and here lips themselves form the characteristic to pronounce long and  Yes, there is, what wonder! Starting with E-Trac models, the designers have already worked out the link rods, but the Minelab CTX 3030 and completely original and perfect! The rods are made of carbon fiber, this kit looks elegant and ornate, one can see that the price reflects the detector and things like advanced materials applied in the construction of the appliance!
Rod fixation is carried out by means of the clamps, the cutting-edge designs, developed by engineers specially for this model, this method of installation allows a very quick change growth detector settings and at the same time ensure full solidity of the whole structure, which is certainly important when it comes to high-performance models.
Several confused us a “Thorn”, located at the end of the rod and to the detector operator correctly assembled construction. But the Assembly is a matter of habit and therefore not particularly upset us, ultimately, detector we have collected very quickly and this makes us very happy!
Wire coils CTX 3030 hidden in bars and at Assembly, it must be pushed inside the rods so that the plug appeared from the other side. Everyone remembers, perhaps that was the problem with the Truck transmission hose reels “in” a hole in the rod, but engineers have integrated this feature and a new flagship line of received an improved cable, made tough near the plug, so problems with the Assembly of the detector does not arise and we can assemble and disassemble, do not think much and anything that substantially changes the perception of the design of the detector for the better, because the ease of use is one of the first places when clicked by you, our customers.
I want to consider carefully the detector is built and the time flies: this detector new throughout!
His appearance was quite Minelab 3030 CTX, but it us personally, very much, because, as you know, everyone strives to something new, so the company’s desire to change the face of the detector up and try to make breakthrough not only in the stuffing, but ergonomics we can only welcome. Detector as if just came down from space movie screen. For example, the appliance can go Heroes “Prometheus”, or any other expensive space adventure movie about the cash.
But the move to a more grounded observations. Simple analysis of construction to tells us that the new Minelab CTX 3030 is veiled from the hybrid E-Trac and the famous X-Terra series hard workers, and from the second to the pistol handle and it migrated 3030 place fastening the control unit.
How is it useful? Take a metal detector Minelab CTX 3030 in the arm, adjustable in height by means of clamps and are beginning to make traditional set of movements, which matches the search, carrying a detector and just … twist it in the air, admire!
What conclusions come to mind in the first test? The detector was quite comfortable and balanced, despite a solid weight. Nearly 2.4 kilograms of this is a bit much, but at the expense of the block with the batteries below the elbow, it is  perfectly normal, the detector coil passes over the Earth and moves on toolpath engine produced a left-right.
The main distinctive feature of novelties from the detectors is that Rod has absolutely straight, without the usual S-shaped bends, and the feeling of the piloting and manoeuvring had become more acute as if you were picked from Mercedes in BMW: handle any deviation to the side and the detector is ready to “lick” Bush, root, or evade the blow of coils protruding from the Earth gem.
We celebrated and the little “pleasantness”, which also features the supermodel from just a good detector. For example, arm Minelab CTX 3030 is made of the extraordinarily flexible plastic that is not afraid of load, so even a random drop detector, or drop on your detector will in no way affect its integrity. A comfortable  mounted in the armrest enables you to quickly move it along the rod and set the device under your complexions. A trifle, but nice!
Armrest fitted with a comfortable strap is comfortable, considering that metal detector is a device for CTX 3030 work in two environments-in air and in water. Yes,  it’s another sweet all detector, now he’s still underwater and can search for treasure!

Technical characteristics

FBS2 Technology, GPSi
Maximum detection depth, 1.45 m
Search modes 10 fully configurable modes
Examples of discrimination 20 fully customizable designs
The type of discrimination Improved color discrimination
Automatic compensation and automatic ground Balancing is
Frequency 1.5, -100  kHz
The threshold tone level setting (1 to 50), the tuning frequency (1-30)
The sensitivity of 1-30
Weight, 2.36  kg
There is a built-in speaker

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