cave lasko

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cave lasko

We travel together to France where one of the most famous prehistoric caves, which date back fees found to Paleolithic in about 15 thousand years BC.
Lasko cave in France
Lasko Lascaux cave is located in dordonet in berigor Périg on the left bank of the River Vézèr, the Grand vezir cave 100-feet one of the most important archaeological caves rich in pictures and murals and different patterns the most forward in the world, and has contributed to the enrichment of art history in the founding of the science of the effects.
cave lasko
cave lasko
Discovered in 1940 by Lascu cave encountered by a group of children, and to discover the cave story started in September 8, 1940, when he was boy Marcel ravido walking around with a group of his friends in Lasko, noted Marcel to his dog “robot” has disappeared, and while they’re looking for they heard his voice come from the cave, and when he tried to rescue his dog landed in Marseilles in a dark cave, and could hardly rescue dog, but Marcel ravido and his colleagues returned to the cave but this time ahadaro with them will And strand, and while they were walking around in the dark cave were surprised by the bulls and horses and deer jump from darkness, and discovered that it charges on the wall of the cave, as seen in another part of the cave drawings of deer to swim in and show her head above water.
And the current entrance to this cave entrance a stone ceiling collapsed, and the upper section of the cave murals beautiful and precious side.
Art of the first ancestors
Dating Lasko and his cave pictures and his engravings to the Upper Paleolithic (old almagdlani), carbon 14 has set, which is used to determine the age of fossils, the history of these pictures between 15,000-20,000 BC. Garnered the artwork the Lasko groto in Southwest France dub “the Sistine Chapel of prehistory.”
Featuring cave frequently his mural Lasko and beauty of his engravings of art particularly fees covering aspects of this cave, and painted using black materials made of manganese oxide and Red materials made of iron oxide. Such fees are evidence of artistic talent that enjoyed by prehistoric man, and evidence of the level of scientific knowledge that had.
Fees include cave Lasko wallcharts in (round vaulted building) known as (the great Hall of the Bulls), and there is a photo mural in the lounge (lounge), a scanned patterns, and there is a picture of a vague genre dubbed (Licorne) and there is more than one female pregnant and in a group (Chinese horse) and cows in different places of the same cave.
And scenes from these pictures, frescos image Thor injured crushes a man wounded his horse, and arrows, and Thor, and more horses, wild cattle and draw a weird bird erect over the stick.
And there, in Lasko, found only a human and one light in the basement of the cave, and it represents a man naked lying on the ground: the head top bird and his hands open, each hand has four fingers, and has large challenged Thor’s disemboweled body is discovered by arrows.
Also found in cave Lasko on a map of the night sky back to the prehistoric era, “our ancestors interest in astronomy and perhaps caves places to outer space! Show map of Thor and people flying and a bird on a stick and you know these three stars of the summer triangle, together with very shiny mid-summer in the northern hemisphere, but the sky map found in the cave, is not the only evidence of prehistoric human attention to planets and stars, close to the entrance of the cave complex Lasko is a Badi to Thor, and located above the shoulder of the bull seemed to form a map of the chandelier, a group sometimes invited stars, seven sisters, Within the black marks may be Bull charges for other stars were in that area of the sky, and the area currently under the so-called Taurus, confirming that human knowledge this side of the universe, dating back thousands of years.
It is estimated the number of inscriptions, more than 300 cave engraved on the sides, were found in the cave by chance archaeological tools such as: almnkash and walnselh and spatula directly into the OS and lime stone plates. UNESCO has included the cave in 1979 to world heritage sites.
Visit cave Lasko
Lasko Cave opened for the visit after World War II, and the big turnout, which reached 1200 visits per day to the negative effects on the patterns and colors due to changes in the level of lighting and air circulation in the cave, which prompted French authorities to close it in 1963 and a very limited number of visitors per week, and later in 1987 a similar Cave situated 200 metres from the original cave and contains copies of drawings and bulls.
Beginning in 1998 started types of fungi infect cave fees because of air-conditioning and strobe lighting to increase the number of visitors, which scientists tried to combat multiple means. In January 2008 the French authorities closed the cave for three months even to scientists, and allowed one to twenty minutes every week to examine climate impacts on the nature of the cave. And are not allowed to enter the cave only for scientists to Lasko work inside the cave for a few days each month, and still appear dark black spots on cave fees because some pesticides used to combat mold and fungi.