Where else can you find treasures

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Where else can you find treasures

Coins without a metal detector  can be found sometimes in unexpected places. One of them are children’s sandboxes. Surely everyone can remember that as a child played in sandboxes, which pulled off the unwanted coins from their parents. Naturally, these coins there and lost. Such sandboxes are usually stood in the center of the yard. To start searching, you need a derelict yard, that is, home is no longer living, which at least fifty years. Find the location of the former you can sandbox on a small Sandy Hill, which was overgrown . Can be left fragments of boards or the surrounding benches. Agree that the detector to detect coins would be easier, but you can do it without them. Am going by my own example.

Where else can you find treasures



As the father showed me the place, where the old kindergarten, where he once walked. From the garden there was only a foundation. He also showed me that housed the sandbox. For the sake of interest was recently and did some digging in the sandboxes. The reason were the tales father that they often played there stuff in my childhood in the evenings. Digging only a shovel and nothing more. Bottom line – 8 coins after 61 years. Of course not – dense, but still nice, it’s like a game for me. After I read on the net that hunters often find many interesting things in the sandboxes and coins. So that these children do not have to exclude objects from the possible places of coins.


Another interesting place is the flower beds, but only those which were located in the yards of rich people. According to some of the searchers, flowerbeds arranged all loved caches. But it is difficult to determine the place of the flower beds, old houses of wealthy people had almost been destroyed or extensively repaired, rebuilt, along with the surrounding landscape. I myself am not digging in such places still, but if I find the right home, where it will try to place flower beds look for. Although what there looking for – before Windows or near farm structures, because we don’t have palaces, where flower gardens and flower beds are where you want them by past designers.