Where to sell valuable coins sell a coin collection

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Many mean only the process of coin collecting by numismatics. But, this type of hobby can include the process of selling valuable coins, and here people have a sure and important question: “Where is it profitable to sell valuable coins?”. If you are not interested in the process of collecting, and have in the ownership of really valuable coins, why not make money on their sale!?.

Here the owner of a valuable coin has quite a wide choice, and it is necessary to be clear about the motives of collectors, so as not to cheapen in the sale process. All collectors are divided into three types:

Simple fundraisers of different denominations and different degrees of value;
People collect a collection in their chosen direction (e.g. military-themed coins);
Collectors are businessmen, related to numismatics as a business.

And here we are more interested in two extreme types of people.

Passionate collectors by all means seek to collect a certain selection of coins, which together increases in value, and has a very high collector’s value. Such numismatists regularly live on various sales sites, and look for the necessary options.

trying to get financial benefits in the future. Often, this type of collector enters the market numismatics with an understanding to whom he will sell purchased valuable coins, or is an agent of famous collectors.

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Ordinary lovers of numismatics, most often, are looking for cheaper options, in order to simply replenish their collection, and get moral satisfaction from it. This type of buyers is of little interest to us, because here to sell profitable coins will not work.

Now, let’s figure out where to look for collectors to sell valuable coins.


We sell coins to the bank.

An interesting and official way of selling valuable coins. Most often it is a certain list of coins of interest to the financial institution, among which may be the state currency of the anniversary issue, or coins from precious metals.

The downside of going to the bank is the cost that the institution is willing to pay to coin sellers – this figure of 2-3 is more than the average collectors can offer. Also, the disadvantages include the limited interest of banks, which do not buy everything in a row. Pros of working with banks is the guarantee of the transaction and its official status, receiving a check, which in today’s world of deception is a considerable advantage.

Special online auctions.

Now there are many Internet platforms that bring together sellers and buyers, giving them the opportunity to carry out operations in one click. Prices at such auction sites are set by sellers, or trades are held for a certain period of time.

The advantage of working with modern online auctions is the complete security of the transaction, where payment is made by transfer using a bank card, and the transaction is considered closed only after receiving the coin by the buyer.

Search for buyers on numismatist forums.

The most attractive way from the point of view of finance, but also the most expensive in terms of spending personal time. The method is extremely simple, and is to search for numismatists interested directly in your valuable coin.

This method will take a long time, but having agreed with a true collector, you can get a good profit.

Collecting coins is a world of possibilities, both for collecting a unique collection of coins and for building a real business!

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