whites dfx spectrum e-series metal detector

whites dfx spectrum e-series metal detector In the category Metal Detectors Videos more articles and learn more information about whites dfx spectrum e-series metal detector Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

whites dfx reviews

Earning international acclaim and confidence even at the beginning of the last century, today metal detectors are being used worldwide Read more

whites dfx 300 metal detector reviews

Whites DFX 300 Spectrum Metal detector while working on two frequencies, modes with the analysis of response from at least Read more

45x38cm. DD SEF for WHITES DFX/MXT/M6

45x38cm. DD SEF for WHITES DFX/MXT/M6 Super probe S.E.F. nugget of White's: 45cmx38sm. - Depth as a framework. DFX DFX300 Read more

whites dfx metal detector

whites dfx metal detector   Characteristics of the Metal Detector Whites DFX 300: • Coil spider 12 "submersible, she came Read more

Whites Spectrum DFX Metal Detector, The most complex of metal detectors produced by company “programme, computerized device search, display and menu structure similar to the Spectrum XLT. Distinguished by the presence of two operating frequencies emitted separately or simultaneously. The composition of the professional settings entered management and analysis of information on two frequencies, as well as the management of ground clutter filtering and exceptions of hot stones.

Working frequency-3 and 15 kHz. The appliance has 5 embedded search programs: «coins», «coins/jewelry», «jewelry/Beach», «relics», «gold» and 4 user programs. Information is displayed on the LCD screen of the increased format with lighting. The discrimination range is divided into 190 segments being controlled independently. For each object displays the chart depth and number of VDI, the respective conduction and the size of the goal. When working with two frequencies of modes with an analysis of the response from the object at least at one frequency the greatest detection depth or necessarily on two frequencies best object recognition. Controls: 5 buttons and a trigger in the handle.

Whites Spectrum DFX Metal Detector, The newest computer appliance company “Electronics. A logical continuation of the XLT with all its outstanding features plus the ability to select the frequency search. Can “see through” the minerals in the ground and detect all good goals, missed other detectors.

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