Test Deus XP metal detectors

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Test Deus XP metal detectors


Today we will test all the XP Deus, regarded as the Rolls Royce of metal detectors. What is rightly or wrongly?


Technology evolves rapidly and affects all sectors, Furthermore, our favorite metal detectors were not spared by these developments, and it is for our greatest pleasure.

Test Deus XP



XP metal detectors

Metal detecting as a leisure appeared in the 1950  in the United States, that is why the majority of metal detectors are of American origin. However, from 1990 , a French detectors, focused on the design of the time metal detectors. He quickly saw the limits and decided to exceed them by creating the “XP metal detectors” company, we are now more than 20 years after with the metal detector Deus, high-end home XP.


The first model of the company metal detector has been placed on the market in the year 1998 and since the number of detectors XP users did that grow.


The Deus, flagship of the range of XP metal detectors detector, saw its development begin in the years 2004 and is today considered to be one of the best machines in the market.


Characteristics of the Deus from XP

With a digital screen, Deus XP allowed developers to the mark to let completely go their creativity to offer us a panel settings and option extremely extended for a metal detector. So this detector excels in many areas and the settings can be accessed quickly. In a nutshell, this machine is efficient.


The neck, consisting of three parts, providing an incomparable design. The major advantage of the handle of this metal detector is probably the fact that it is retractable. So the XP deus is probably the most portable detector market.


But what impresses most is the weight of the detector. XP Deus is extremely lightweight! It is an undeniable comfort during long sessions of detection. This is probably the lightest ‘professional’ said detector of the market, a real jewelry.


Another remarkable detail: the fact that there is no thread that does exceed the detector. Indeed, the XP Deus is the first wireless detector. The sensor head directly transmits a signal to the headphones or remote control without causing the slightest interference, a detail but a real comfort.


Regarding the battery, each component is powered by its own battery lithium providing substantial benefits:


You can recharge your batteries in each output without the damage
A very good power/size ratio
A very fast reload (allow about 2 h)
Three components can be charged simultaneously with one charger XP metal detectors.
The settings are obviously accessible via the touchpad (which is also actually a remote control) but they are also all accessible via commands from the wireless headset.


Although the XP Deus is a professional detector, this metal detector development teams want to make it accessible to everyone. So even if it is capable of the greatest prowess and fine settings, it will offer any effectiveness from its first use.

XP Deus on field test

After unpacking (with greed is true!) my brand new two XP and traversed the detector operating manual. I did a quick test with parts I had at home and the first thing that hit me was the speed with which the processor of the XP deus reacts and the clarity of the signal. One feels that one is dealing with a high metal detector’s range.


The use of the Deus XP is relatively intuitive way. Presets are rather well optimized and allow prospecting comfortably and efficiently the parts, pieces of gold and other jewelry. Discrimination works perfect and the metal detector is even able to discriminate aluminum cans (for use with moderation because aluminum is very close to the gold fields of detection).

In summary

Thanks to the new possibilities offered by digital display, the XP team brought actual innovations not available in competition. Moreover, everything is structured in way that this detector of metal is the most ergonomic possible. Bet succeeded for the Deus XP metal detector.


The presets and programs are a real more and everything is adjustable manually. The icing on the cake, the sensor is able to save your settings


Its many benefits (updates of the program possible via the site of XP, lightness, innovations, design…) make Deus XP one of the best metal detectors of the market at a relatively affordable price for this range of detectors.