XP metal detectors – XP DEUS Metal detector Reviews

XP metal detectors – XP DEUS Metal detector Reviews In the category Metal Detectors Videos more articles and learn more information about XP metal detectors – XP DEUS Metal detector Reviews Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

XP metal detectors - XP DEUS Metal detector Reviews

XP metal detectors – XP DEUS Metal detector Reviews

XP DEUS Metal detector with dish 28 cm and 4 Accessories is the first wireless detector and first with fully telescopic S-shaped handle. XP DEUS metal detector is a technological breakthrough. It is a light detector and with great depth of search.

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  1. Metal Detecting. Minelab versus XP Deus – Deus WINS! Review
    Stephen (The Man With The Hat and Dale have a day detecting on the coast with a Minelab and a XP Deus (ep162) A few bits of silver inc a bullhead turned up and a couple of spindle.
  2. XP DEUS – Depth Test Using Basic Program Settings Review
    Checking the XP Deus to see if this metal detector really can be a switch on and Go friendly detector for a completely inexperienced user like myself who has never used an XP.
  3. XP Deus – Metal detecting at a local park 10-31-15 Review
    XP Deus – Metal detecting at a local park – 10-31-15
  4. Metal detectors. Cheap VS Expensive. XP Deus, Garrett, Tesoro Review
    It is not easy to pick a new metal detector. There is so many to choose from. Perhaps this will help you decide if you want to spend 160 dollars or 1500. I appogize for not supertuning.
  5. XP Deus & Garrett EuroAce Metal Detecting on Wet Sand Review
    Metal Detecting the wet foreshore with the Deus and the EuroAce, showing some differences between a cheaper machine compared to a more expensive machine. Just showing the truth.
    A quick review of the xp deus 11 coil that I recently purchased with a metal detecting hunt to test it out and some interesting finds including a roman coin.
  7. Metal Detecting Ploughed Farm XP Deus – WWI Medal + Nokta Pointer Mini Review Part 2 #16…
    Went out today detecting on my new permission with Tony which is a ploughed field, very hard work and extremely windy with rain but managed some very nice finds one of which is a WWI.
    A collection of a few short hunts on a variety of sites with my XP Deus. For these hunts I was using the machine in GM Power with 12khz and ground balance set to ‘Tracking’ .
  9. Field test- 11″ DD Coil for XP Deus, Metal Detecting, Bill Ladd Review
    Bill Ladd of digfellas tries the new Deus 11″ DD coil in a “worked out” high grass field with Moe from metaldetector.com. Four coins and a number of relics surface in a half day hunt.
  10. XP Deus Metal Detector – Treasure Mountain Detectors Review
    Treasure Mountain Detectors Info Commercial for the XP Deus Metal Detector. Best Metal Detector XP Deus Metal Detector. Where to buy XP Deus Metal Detector.