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Metal detectors, this device is amazing and who adored by all the treasure hunters, when we find something by the metal detector, will be a great joy, find gold, ancient coins, or even places and things not detected by one of you, and the best places where gold is found, a great metal detecting finds in unexpected places, to find gold or ancient coins and precious, You have to own the latest metal detectors, for example metal detectors, whites, minelab metal detectors, Garrett,fisher metal detectors,tesoro metal detectors…etc.

Recent metal detecting finds much, but everyone keeps to what has been found, either gold or coins or relics, many research areas, beach, streams, valleys, ancient roads, the best is found with a metal detector, it is not finding the first and will not be the last.

Englishman’s metal detector finds record treasure trove

metal detector finds

metal detectors treasure hunting finds

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Metal Detecting Finds Treasure Hunting

Treasures and historical finds are in the ground and waiting for when they can go back to the people, at least in the form of a collection. Metal finder allows you to detect any metal underground, in color or black, and with a certain probability to determine its type, not to dig up the unwanted items of little value.

most amazing metal detector finds

Modern machinery-metal detectors are compact, powerful, vested with broad functionality, are light weight, slightly more than a kilogram. They just take a car trip, and also easily put in a backpack for a hiking or cycling trip and even take to the Bank, for example, Turkey or Thailand and look for gold jewelry on the beach, by law it is allowed.

What can you recommend to aspiring independent detectorists?

By selecting a device, you must admit that you are a beginner.
Perhaps the first questions will be about the value and depth of detection. You have to understand that this is a mutually exclusive factors. And what’s more, it is important not to lose sight of other technical aspects, which are important when choosing a modern equipment. This technology to more accurately identify the type of metal, ignore interference from the soil, which affects the depth of detection. The modern smoke detector, the better he ignores soil noises and, respectively, and the more the depth of his discovery. So, let’s try to tie all these factors together and choose a good device, provided cost savings.