Atlantis found: giant Sphinxes, “pyramids in the Bermuda triangle”

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Perhaps eclipsing discoveries Troy and King Tut’s tomb is the discovery of Atlantis. Now, two scientists boldly claim, Ms. Pauline zalitzki weinzoig Paul, I’ve found it. They discovered ruins of ancient city off the coast of Cuba. In the distant past was dryland region, but now remains only on the island of Cuba over the water. Old town 600 feet under the ocean, a team of researchers led by weinzoig wezalitzki convinced that Atlantis – the lost city for more than 10,000 years.

Atlantis found in the “Bermuda triangle”

And two scientists have confirmed, Ms. Pauline weinzoig Paul zalitzki, operating off the coast of Cuba and use submersible robot, giant city located at the bottom of the ocean. Location of old town – which includes several Sphinxes and at least four giant pyramids and other structures – amazingly sits within the mythical Bermuda triangle boundaries.

Atlantis found









According to a report from arklin “Terra forming Terra”, deep-sea Cuban pyramid complex, evidence suggests the city being flooded at one time with rising water and Earth sinking into the sea. This correlates exactly with the legend of Atlantis.

The disaster occurred at the end of the last ice age. As the Arctic icecap melted causing disastrous sea level rising rapidly around the world, particularly affecting the northern hemisphere. Coast lines changed; the Earth has lost; vanished Islands (Island even continents).

pyramids in the Bermuda triangle








Discover the pyramids in the Bermuda triangle is much bigger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt!!