What is the best frequency for gold prospecting?

What is the best frequency for gold prospecting? In the category gold discovery more articles and learn more information about What is the best frequency for gold prospecting? Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

gold locator with High Frequency Wave Precision

The gold locator device is characterized by its high accuracy of frequency waves, which enables it to identify and detect Read more

frequency of gold

  frequency of gold nuggets with teknetics t2 teknetics t2 ltd is another in a series of metal detectors Metal Read more

Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

frequency of gold in hz gold natural frequency ,Highest gold proof coin is 999.9. Achieving absolute frequency of gold is Read more

Gold Frequency Detector

Gold Frequency Detector Look in the table of gold not far from copper on electrical conductivity, gold and nickel and Read more

High frequencies – above 15 kHz – are widely used to search for gold nuggets, small gold grains, and small jewelry. The truth is that low frequency metal detectors are good at finding objects with excellent conductivity. But gold does not have such properties. On the mineral discrimination scale, gold products have standards similar to oxidized iron. In this regard, it is worth choosing a metal detector with a wide range of sensitivity to ferrous metals.

The metal detector can also detect rings, earrings, and gold chains at medium frequencies. Devices designed specifically for gold detection are suitable for this. The software arsenal for these models usually includes a separate “golden” search mode.


Chemicals in soil corrode metals, causing them to oxidize. The rust is partially absorbed by the surrounding soil, and the soil becomes more conductive. As a result, some metal objects appear larger than they actually are. Rusty objects are easy to detect at medium and large search depths. A similar trick cannot be performed with gold and silver, as these metals are almost impossible to oxidize.

gold locator with High Frequency Wave Precision
gold locator with High Frequency Wave Precision

When searching with a metal detector, most artifacts are found at a depth of 25-30 cm, and there is no particular benefit in chasing larger numbers unless the detector is supposed to be used for specific tasks such as searching for sewer pipes at a great depth. the deeps. After all, the deeper the signal, the greater the probability of errors and errors, in addition, you will have to drill deep holes.

Aluminum 31900
Beryllium 32700
Vanadium 32800
Titanium 35300
Thallium 36600
Palladium 37700
Lead 38000
Chromium VI 39200
Silver 43300
Mercury 43700
Magnesium 45300
Gallium 45400
Manganese 45700
Tungsten 47500
Lithium 47900
Indium 48300
Tantalum 48900

Rubidium 49200
Molybdenum 49800
Nickel 55200
Zinc 56200
Cobalt 56300
Iridium 57000
Cadmium 57300
Copper 58600
Gold 59000
Osmium 59200
Platinum 59300
Tin 59700

gold locator with High Frequency Wave Precision

frequency of gold

Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

Gold Frequency Detector

High frequency Whites MXT metal detector

what frequency is good for small gold

metal detector frequency comparison

Simple Metal Detector beat Frequency Oscillator

frequency of gold nuggets with teknetics t2

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