frequency of gold nuggets with teknetics t2

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frequency of gold nuggets with teknetics t2

Dig and get the gold – an exhilarating experience . If you like to be in nature , have the patience and determination can save the search again and then search for gold with a metal detector can be a hobby for you . Few people are getting rich by finding gold nuggets , the more important thing in the search – the pleasure of searching for gold .

The professional metal detector Teknetics T2 opens new perspectives for all searches ; ” native gold mining “, ” search for gold jewelry on the beach .” T2 was designed as a ” multi-purpose ” metal compactor professional standard operating needs of the search engines to search for coins to search for jewelry and gold ornaments on the beach, searching for nuggets of gold. Teknetics T2 leading team of engineers developed the United States: John Gardiner, who worked at First Texas Products 7 years and David Johnson, who has experience in the use of all the most famous high-end detectors proposed by the main producers of the United States for the past 24 years .

T2 – VLF- metal detector, operating at a frequency of 13 kHz ( with the ability to change frequencies in the range of 12 . 821kHz to 13 . 158kHz). The frequency 13 kHz is increased relative to the standard 6.7 kHz in which the majority of metal detectors operate to provide good sensitivity to find small targets within wide limits. The device operates on two independent modes , static and dynamic search mode (discrimination ) .

frequency of gold nuggets with teknetics t2


T2 offers two ways to balance the soil – automatically tracking (FASTGRAB) and manual mode with the main range of 0 to 99 units , only 500 ground balance settings . Manual adjustment of the balance of the soil refers to the two modes of operation . Manual ground balance setting can be perfect only when ” all metal “, but the result is used and under the regime of “discrimination” .

Another key aspect of the metal detector – independent adjustment of the sensitivity of the search in a static mode . If the preset sensitivity prevents you from catching the smaller goals and hard to find deep, you can increase or decrease it without exiting .

Teknetics T2 On Gold Nuggets

Function VCO results in a static mode , i.e. the change of tone and volume , depending on the size and depth of the object. To maximize the ability to hear weak signals , you can configure the basic threshold level of sound. Threshold level of sound volume «HUM LEVEL» adjustable from -9 to 9 units.

T2 provides a choice of 7 audio modes 2 and discrimination method for analyzing signals from the target, continuous and discrete depending on the search terms and search engine preferences . Quick response from the target in the ” all metal .”

Diagram of iron oxide Fe3O4 displays the degree of mineralization , expressed as a fraction of the content of magnetic minerals and iron . High values ​​of the number Fe3O4 have a great impact on the detection depth in the ” discrimination”, and less in the ” all metal “.

Waterproof search coil coaxial (2DD) 11 x 7 inches ( 28cm) . Squelch-Tech technology  helps reduce the effects of interference . The search coil covers 11 square inches when scanning , but sensitive enough to detect small targets such as gold nuggets.

The device is light, compared other devices much easier , excellent balance in hand sits well with one hand , you can work much longer. Weight metal detector with batteries is 1630 grams. 4 AA batteries , enough for 40 hours of job search engine.

Tests for detection depth in the soil ( sandy loam , clay loam ) yielded results ; static mode , the sensitivity to near maximum .