Unfounded treasures of tombs-hoards

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Since time immemorial, it was believed that one of the most reliable places for hiding treasures are tombs. When the values were very large, the graves were also hidden for insurance. The beginning of this tradition was put by Egyptian pharaohs.

To protect with treasures from the robbers, in the pyramids constructed tangled secret passages and ingenious devices that perpetually the death of someone who dared to penetrate the inside. Later in this way other rulers, however, were also acted on their own. they tried to make the burial place of their leader inaccessible. For this they blocked the dam during the river and, when the riverbed bared, dug on the bottom of a deep grave.
Underwater Treasures found

You’ve been looking for a hidden treasure all your life, and now you’ve finally found it. Cemetery Treasure! Buried deep inside the cave. Also, many treasures lost during the Second World War in aircraft accidents. Ships are considered to be war graves and are supposed to be protected from divers. What are some of the world’s non-applicable treasures, buried treasures are regularly found, and some gold and jewelry are worth millions.

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