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Golden Sense

  Developed a golden SNES specifically to detect raw gold nuggets, coins and other small metal parts in addition to Read more

AREX -17

    Discover gold and minerals and treasures, caves and underground relics and determines the type of metal, size, depth Read more

Sphinx BM 901

Sphinx BM 901 IBM metal-901-designer to search for metal objects, location and depth. In a weak media, with the following Read more

A GPR x-3 2012

A GPR x-3 2012 Direct vision of what is hidden under the ground Painterly device directly from the best and Read more

Buy professional metal detectors

Who dream in their lives, at least once, to search for treasure. Treasure hunting is an incredible activity, which affects adults and children alike. If in search of hoards of gold with a shovel, taking with him the will and luck, the best remedy for this purpose from a metal detector and didn’t find. Metal detecting-device ID of this search for metal objects in the ground, in the water or on the wall becomes much easier.

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Professional metal detectors are devices with a more serious level searches. They are equipped with multiple functions with manual and automatic settings, the LCD display and touch sensitive buttons, which is important for experienced researchers. It is noted also that each parameter can be customized according to personal preference. And don’t have any experience in researching, buying professional metal detector can easily sort the many options available and adjust interface. A distinctive feature of professional bodies – wireless headset, coil and Control Panel, connect through a digital radio channel.
Class prices for metal detectors are very high, but the amazing discoveries that you discover through them, more will cover all of your expenses. Buy a professional metal detector change your life for the better, and bring her luck, and notes of romance and adventure. It is clear that your life won’t be boring, if you purchase a professional metal detector.

Buy professional metal detectors

Buy professional metal detectors



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