Combination of different types of metal detectors

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Combination of different types of metal detectors – The principal difference between the two types of detectors ( for coins and a large metal object ) is not limited in their depth of penetration , but also in certain other characteristics. Monetary aids provide information (  sound and visual analog scale , sound and digital graphic ) type of metal detected most often by using the built-in discriminator .

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Through it you can set the camera to reject or adopt separate groups with metal objects. Detectors deep divide large metal objects ( larger than 8 cm ) of small (eg coins) by rejecting the latter. Most of them except the Pulse Star II does not provide the type of metal. He is the only detector that separates iron from other metals provided that buried objects at a depth less than the maximum possible for him. In conclusion, this type of equipment is essential in search of places for one reason or another are heavily contaminated with small metal objects . Practice shows that regardless of the type of search that you have adopted a combination of both types of devices gives the best results !

Combination of different types of metal detectors


Remote locators

They quickly and effectively can be registered small and large metal objects at a distance of a few meters to several kilometers. The accuracy of the detection range of a few square to a few tens of square meters. The factors which determine the precision objective – size of the subject , the time of stay in the ground soil mineralization , ambient temperature , wind load, etc. and subjective – the professional skills of the operator.