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Hello to everyone after that our products metal detectors as mentioned in the company or distributor, now will follow a new method to ask subjects, and there will be nothing wrong in The pros and cons device and its ability to detect metal, whether fit to look or not, all of this we will review Articles submitted in this publication , has been open to comment on articles in order to exchange experiences and to stand more on the nature of these devices prior to purchase .


Specifications of the device according to the distributor description :

Maximum measuring depth : 18 m
Operating voltage : 12 V
Total Size : 180 x 250 x 55 mm
Weight : 3000 g
Compare capture devices : all kinds of signal settings and automatically analyzes the structure of the earth .
128 MHz
1024 MB memory
64 × 128 pixel resolution
Compact design for wireless , the main unit
Transfer fee at one time
16 memory recording function
Automatic and manual selection Search
Light and contrast adjustment
Participated in the graphics system time
Digital frequency synthesis

Scan area ( specific long-term ) , and 3 – D property system is the first and only product on the main unit ..

Thanks to the 3D survey area and the largest shareholder in the treasure hunters .
This product contains a combination of the two systems using another device can easily search and analysis.

Scanning range of 2000 meters, and at a depth of 6.10 meters and a maximum depth of 18 meters , with archeology EM system , and the only way to achieve the desired results in the search for the treasure.
Scanning system the most advanced.

Digital frequency synthesis : will gold, silver, copper, bronze , iron, lead , aluminum , diamonds investigate the fixed signal controlled by a micro-processor .
Compare capture devices : all kinds of signals and automatically sets to analyze the structure of the earth.

Thanks to 3-D EM system

Method can detect anomalies in the target area based on the EM system . So that the product is able to identify the structures are very different . These include the formation of layers, groundwater level , natural formations , such as cavities and grave chambers or pipes , tanks , boxes and other objects can be counted .

I did not try this device and do not know someone who has his experience , but I think that the manufacturer Turkish company, I do not think that the device has these specifications , and also I do not think that the depth in question is a real depth , and I’m not entirely convinced this device.

Waiting for a comment from anyone try this device to give us his opinion .