depth can fisher f75 especial edition detector

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Fisher F75 Metal Detector is the highest class. Works on universal frequency of 13kHz , which ensures maximum sensitivity not only to coins,  and ancient artifacts , but also the smallest gold objects . This detector is designed for all hunters who want to get the most out of each site maximum treasures.

Review metal detector Fisher F75


Turning Fisher F75 Metal Detector switches on the control knob on the battery block under the armrest . This driver is also used to adjust the volume , making it possible to use standard headphones without regulation .

ControlFisher F75 Metal Detector features a very easy to use . To enter the MENU serve red button easily accessible with your thumb holding the detector and motion menu then the knob on the left below the display.

depth can fisher f75 especial edition detector


Programs – the most important part of the entire menu . Fisher F75 Metal Detector has four specially designed programs the search . In addition to the basic program suitable for most locations F75 has three other programs . Special with increased sensitivity to gold jewelry program to search the heavily contaminated area and search for the program on an uneven surface such as a plowed field .

Modes – detector can operate in fully programmable discrimination or ALL -metal mode. The choice between the two modes is done when entering the menu and is the first in the series.

Discrimination – set either continuously from 0 to 65 , with a maximum setting leaves only the large conductance in signaling targets such as silver coins. Another discrimination is by using the so-called Notch, which allows to disable the alarm on specific waste anywhere discriminatory scale (for example, to ignore bottle caps) . Using this discrimination .

Tones – for discriminatory regime is a choice of tonal variations resolution from one tone for all metals after MultiTone variable distinguishing between the conductivity and signal strength .

All- metal – in this mode, the detector reports all metals , identifying them using the ID numbers on the display. Tone signaling tone is variable depending on the signal strength , the larger and shallower course gives a loud signal. In the All- metal Fisher F75  can operate either as a motion detector with automatic tuning  (similar to the activation pin- point) .

depth can fisher f75 especial edition detector


Sensitivity – adjusts smoothly according to local conditions to achieve maximum depth while maintaining the stability of the detector. The sensitivity of F75 is set separately for discriminatory and separately for all- metal mode .

Ground – debug country is very easy , just press the lever pin -point forward and several detector metals above the ground. The country setting is possible manually in the menu , if it is desirable to slightly adjust the settings to the positive or negative levels .

Depth – in the search for and detect the finding shows the approximate depth of the bar graph on the left of the display window will . When tracing pin- counts instead of ID numbers shows the depth of the object in large digits on the display information is in inches.

ConfidenceFisher F75 Metal Detector is equipped with a graph confidence , in other words, how much is confident in identifying the subject. This information is useful when deciding whether to dig or not.

Soil mineralization – Detector continuously displays the level of mineralization of soil , which affects the maximum range of the detector.

depth can fisher f75 especial edition detector


Power Fisher F75 Metal Detector is powered by four AA cells. When using a quality alkaline lasts detector in operation for about thirty hours . After frequent use , it is recommended to use rechargeable Eneloop . The batteries are located under the armrest , which contributes to the outstanding balance had such a light detector.

BacklightFisher F75 Metal Detector is permanently lit by a soft warm lighting , making all details clearly visible , even in poor conditions.

Frequency – the basic operating frequency can be shifted to select the least interfered channel, for example in the search group . Total is a choice of eight frequencies.