where to find treasures in abandoned homes

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Now researchers from the old currency are looking everywhere, in all places- abandoned houses, land, houses, in attics, in wells, into the water, in the valleys, on the beaches. Nowadays all modern treasure hunters could find money in almost any field, Exchange search-an exciting experience which has a lot in common with the treasure hunt. Finding coins have attracted the attention of many people, not only coin collectors seek to collect coins, but those who know the true value of a currency and you want to earn some money.

Finding treasure is unlikely to succeed, but could even find rare coin brings a lot of positive emotions, of course, more knowledge and experience comes directly during the search, but something that can be found on the Internet sites of archeologists in the library. If you have something fail in the first year of research, don’t despair, sit down and analyze their behavior. And I’m sure next year will succeed.

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Through a long and continuous research can gain valuable experience that will help you in future determine precisely where the currency can be hidden. Currencies look in old buildings, old buildings often hides a wealth of at least some coins found real well. The buildings there are some areas where you can find coins, can someone accidentally lost or deliberately hidden his treasure. Sometimes in building construction, and offerings to the spirits that protect the home, and a single currency: the angles on the base.

Find treasures on the banks of the river without a metal detector

Find treasures on the banks of the river without a metal detector

The old buildings on the money made it not worth it, because sometimes the builders who built the House, try to put the coins that are outside the range of treatment that is needed. Another type of special coins hidden are those that have been set aside for a rainy day or in the “time of troubles”. Usually it is gold and silver, in large quantities, with good value. This discovery can be called a treasure that can be sold, to search for classes of coins necessary to know places that can be hidden, good modern metal detector. And such people are called hunters. For most hunters, and currency are precisely the main findings, as units can not find the treasure, and then only rarely.

Hidden Silver Coins Found In Abandoned Florida Home

Amid dozens of files, cardboard cartons and worn down household items, city workers in St. Cloud, Fla. uncovered about 60 pounds of silver in a small home


Often find coins in the Interior border of the window and window boxes, so be sure to watch this space. When searching for coins in buildings often featured metal detectors are useless, but try to find, almost certainly, you will not be left without the valuable discoveries. Maybe it’s all the main spaces, but the human imagination has no limits, so you can hide the treasure in the most simple, but mysterious. Also, in abandoned houses.

Metal Detecting At An Old Abandoned House With The Ace 350

After getting permission to metal detect on the property, I quickly got started. I soon found out that this place is covered with so much trash

Currencies are losing the main site: the gaps between walls and wrap, and cultivated land floorboards, cracks in the door, and the distance between the tires and the internal window walls, etc. Most of the missing pieces, especially a lot of money can be found in the ground and under the ground.