Geophysical results view Survey Results During Active

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Geophysical results view

The problem facing the co-Chairman in detecting effects are frequent field readings, so only chose good ways to represent these results and develop a simplified form for interpretation of geophysical and then translate these explanations to the archaeological area.

Methods used in geophysical results are:

1 offer to form paths (Profiles), these are the simplest ways to represent the geophysical results where read coordinates one representing the site reading “sigmoid” events, and the other represents the value of “y” events

(C). Sudden change in values will represent the geophysical anomaly (Geophysical Anomaly), and used this method in width if the initial examination of the site in order to get a quick idea of geophysical values on site.

2 method of contour map: in this case draw curved lines connecting points with equal values with each and the final map contains a number of contour lines and each line its own value. And study these maps can specify the sites where construction is concentrated.

3 symbols (Symbols): this way of representing values with different symbols, usually high values are represented by dark or large icons, left low values without codes sometimes, or use her light codes. Here we must recall that some archaeological objects have adverse property accordingly taking into account low values as well as the possible use of colors to select the sites where buildings are concentrated, so that different colors for geophysical values.

6 1 strengths in the way:

1. low vulnerability to external phenomena that can be applied within cities may also be used to investigate the effects that have no difference in magnetic property but with different electrical properties in locations where it is difficult to apply magnetic method.

2. the geophysical survey need not cadre geophysical survey, geophysical devices could be used by staff trained in its use.

3. not spoken any damages in construction and archaeological use and quality can be set throughout its buildings and archeological.

4. fast application and low cost.

5 1 the weaknesses in the way:

1. widespread field readings, so only chose good ways to represent these results.

2. the installation of the Poles in the ground makes way slow.

3. the application of electrical resistance you need four people to accelerate the field readings.

4. difficult to use way in rocky areas (special mountain) and to the difficulty of installing electrodes.

5. as it is impossible to apply them in locations where groundwater close to the surface because there is water leads to a difference in electrical resistance values.

6. it is difficult to apply this method in the arid


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