GO-FIND 60 Metal Detector Review

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MINELAB Go-Find 60-The newest detector, which embodied the cosmic ideas of engineers and designers, but, like the younger devices in this star trio, it literally strikes your imagination, creating a completely new understanding of the phrase ” Metal Detector search, because from now on to search will be cardinally easier, faster, more convenient!
go find 60 metal detector

Benefits of the new Go-Find 60 Metal Detector Line:

Compact. Go-Find 60 are folded in such a way that the transport takes up a minimum of space in both the backpack and the trunk of the car.

Light weight. New technological materials have allowed to reduce the weight of detectors to a minimum.

Waterproof coil. Nothing prevents the search on the beach, along the banks of rivers and lakes.

Synchronization. Ability to connect to your smartphone.
Branded accessories.

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Minelab Go- Find 60 Metal Detector Review

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