gold findings metal Detector XP ADX150

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gold findings metal Detector XP ADX150

It is an upgraded version of the successful basic model XP ADX100  , which is designed for beginning hunters who require their metal detector good discriminative properties of unwanted items and sufficient power. Of course there is a professional version, which makes the detector very durable.

The main innovation is the integration of the transmitter for wireless headphones , new fastening the search coil and the possibility of charging the battery in the detector using a special charger XP .
The detector can be used up to five different Seeker coils.

The indisputable advantage metal detectors XP is that it is a French product that is fully adapted to European conditions ! This gives you the opportunity to fully utilize its maximum capacity.

This is from the analog / digital detector with an integrated microprocessor, which is designed for discriminating circuits . With this metal detector ADX150 microprocessor provides fast and excellent discriminatory characteristics that help to suppress unwanted targets . ADX150 offers two search modes : All metal which responds to all metals and discriminant mode which allows excellent suppress avoid Imaging iron targets .

gold findings metal Detector XP ADX150
gold findings metal Detector XP ADX150


Highly sensitive coil in the ” DD ” is a prerequisite for very deep penetration Signal countries.
You will appreciate the strength and quality of workmanship . Since the detector is mainly used in harsh and sometimes extreme conditions was very special care to high resistance of all parts. ADX150 has been designed and manufactured with quality components and materials therefore has excellent conditions for maximum use in the field.

From the first moment when picking up any of the metal detectors XP immediately you find that fits perfectly in your hand and very easily to him looking for. Certainly also appreciate the immediate and clear response.

XP metal detectors – ADX 150

DD coil 22.5 cm, waterproof
Power 8 x 1,5 V AA
When using alkaline batteries last 50 hours
warning of low battery ( discharge)
sensitivity control
driver discrimination
operating frequency of 4.6 kHz – VLF
integrated transmitter for wireless headphones XP
headphone output 6.3 mm
possibility of exchanging coils
3 year warranty !
Furthermore, all types of metal detectors XP offer the possibility of easy disconnection of the control box of the design and positioning it in a special case which may be placed for example on a belt. This case delivered free of charge to all types of detectors XP.
Variability mounting the main unit for all types of metal detectors XP is really big and it can be easily placed under the main pole viz.

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