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What is a Gold Hunter gold detector?

A Gold Hunter gold detector is a specialized device designed for detecting various types of metals, including gold, raw gold, precious metals, treasures, diamonds, underground voids, and caves.

This detector incorporates advanced technologies, such as a dual-dimensional imaging sensing system, to enable explorers to search for hidden treasures and metals underground.

The Gold Hunter gold detector operates with multiple search systems, including metal detection systems capable of identifying 19 different types of metals accurately, as well as voids detection systems specialized in searching for caves, crypts, and tombs.

It offers features like a long-range system for detecting buried archaeological gold, raw gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones, and underground cavities and voids.

The device is designed to provide high accuracy in detecting targets and can reach depths of up to 50 meters underground with a front range of up to 3000 meters.

How to use gold hunter gold detector?

Based on the detailed information provided in the search results, here are the key steps to use the Gold Hunter gold detector:

Assemble the device by attaching the grip, super antenna, and smaller antennas. The super antenna is a key component that uses a spiral system to cover long distances.

Remove any items on your person that could interfere with the device’s operation, such as watches, phones, wallets, etc.

Turn on the device and select your preferred language from the options of German, English, French, or Arabic.

From the settings menu, choose the type of target you want to detect, such as:

Treasures and buried gold
Natural gold, gold veins, nuggets, and underground mines
Underground diamonds
Underground silver
Caves, voids, and ancient tombs
Underground gemstones

Adjust the front range distance you want to cover, from 500 meters up to 2000 meters.

Start the detection process. The device will send and receive specialized frequencies to locate the selected target type.

As the device detects a signal, it will automatically track and guide you towards the target, circling around it when directly above.

The Gold Hunter can detect targets up to 35 meters deep underground.

The key features are the long-range capabilities, multi-target detection modes, and the advanced super antenna system that amplifies the signal coverage. Proper setup and target selection are crucial for effective use of this specialized gold detector.

Gold Hunter

Treasure hunter metal detecting black light weight is ideal for student starting! This large display digital detector with depth and object!
Suitable for amateur absolute and universal detector!
Headset including Dutch manual batteries 1 year warranty.
Technical specifications:
Low frequency movement to detect very low frequencies
-Up to 100 Hz 6.6 Khz frequency range search
-Search 3 adjustable digital media:
-1. Mode discrimination
-2. Show status discrimination
-3. Metal search mode all
-First class discrimination
-Digital depth setting (sensitivity)
-Large digital display with depth and object
-Target path and automatic and manual ground balance
-Max. Search depth 1.2 m
-2 x 9 volt battery with low battery indicator, ± 40 hours search
-3.5 mm headset jack
-Height adjustable steel
-Search open water dish 21 cm
-Weight 1380 grams only


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