Gold metal detectors

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Golden Sense

  Developed a golden SNES specifically to detect raw gold nuggets, coins and other small metal parts in addition to Read more

AREX -17

    Discover gold and minerals and treasures, caves and underground relics and determines the type of metal, size, depth Read more

Sphinx BM 901

Sphinx BM 901 IBM metal-901-designer to search for metal objects, location and depth. In a weak media, with the following Read more

A GPR x-3 2012

A GPR x-3 2012 Direct vision of what is hidden under the ground Painterly device directly from the best and Read more

Gold metal detectors

Of the most brilliant and the most modern equipment and new world exclusive technology and new fixed system to detect all kinds of gold underground
My African gold legend, a new and sophisticated product works on remote detection system in radar electromagnetic wave transmission technology powerful fast hack and response, to identify the purpose of trans-audio signal and optical and digital illuminated screen.
-The HGD-AFRICAN GOLD modern and new technology sends waves of powerful radar and electromotive receives, can penetrate mountains and all kinds of soils to detect underground gold
Gold metal detectors



-There are several special programme screening programmes to detect natural gold (GOLD NATUREL) and another program to detect buried gold (GOLD IONIC) and another program to detect the underlying Silver (SILVER IONIC) and a program to search for diamonds (DIAMOND) in the ground
-Gives the device a beep when it discovered the goal as well as optical signal and a digital signal on digital screen illustration
-Responsiveness in the directive and give result milliseconds
-Discover the depth of 50 m
-Detects a front 5 km
-Specialized operations and for the difficult and challenging exploration tasks in the mountains and cliffs
-Works on battery 12 rechargeable internal flute to work for 48 hours
-Weight: 2300 g only
Made in USA