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Hunter HUNTER 3D latest photographic detector in the world and creative development is a comprehensive organ and HUNTER Hunter integrated and breaking all the technical specifications that his candidacy to be the first in the world and the latest and most comprehensive and clear.

Hunter HUNTER 3D device employs the principle of ground optical imaging radar to recognize your Hunter HUNTER 3D for metals and burials, gold and treasures underground and photographed and clarified, to recognize them easily and meticulously illustrated. My Hunter HUNTER 3D form underground giving objective and its depth and size, and when he discovers a Hunter HUNTER metal write his name directly on the screen, the Hunter process distinguish between minerals and accurately differentiate and give a full report and a detailed metal and composition, this sophisticated device machine Hunter HUNTER 3D HD software and clarity enables the Explorer of exploratory processes high confidence simply , Shows a Hunter HUNTER goal in more ways through the graph shows a Hunter HUNTER 3D target size, and illustrative indicators give a percentage target and its closely, give the machine the results did not precede any photographic device, the device contains a Hunter 3D on a 3D analysis and two-dimensional image shows the target and shape and enlarge him as real form The device provider, Hunter HUNTER with special software to give a depth 100% objective surface and centi meters. The device works your Hunter 3D in all weather conditions and in all types of terrain and solid work in mineral soils craftsman and penetrates the rocky caves to show their secrets and runs and runs through the basalt rocks and motorcycles burst rocks and sedimentary rocks and the alasthalet rocks and laid over burials such as tombs and caves and caves and a Hunter HUNTER is not affected by anything.

Any normal person even if it reads and writes can device uses a Hunter HUNTER and work easily and smoothly and without any complications.

Hunter graphics


Specifications and technologies for your gold and metals researcher Hunter HUNTER 3D


Hunter HUNTER 3D device works with advanced radar imaging system specialist detection for gold and minerals and treasures and burials and caves and underground tunnels and caves and rooms and basements.

Discover your Hunter 3D all minerals with distinguished precisely illustrate shape and size.

Discover Hunter HUNTER 3D caves and tunnels and voids with counterrevolutionary and its depths and certain. the computer system computer installed on the device screen shows all the data and coordinates.

The device works your Hunter HUNTER Tri program and two-dimensional, illustrated a Hunter HUNTER 3D form of the metal and its kind stereoscopically and every type of metal digital counter for every quality such as precious metals and non-precious metals and gold, and clear indicators and graphs indicate the type of metal, size and name of the metal detectors and image clearly.

Hunter HUNTER 3D device employs a quick system scan the checks and scans the ground and accurately portray and legibility.

Hunter HUNTER 3D device with the latest software and technologies to give a comprehensive and reliable results.

Determines objectives and cm depths in digital form on the screen.

Data storage and placed. Internal memory stores all Photogrammetry user photographed by up to 20 image scan.

This device is designed Hunter HUNTER 3D by world-class, to work anywhere in the world.

Hunter HUNTER 3D works in all weather conditions and land and in all levels of temperature and humidity.

Work your Hunter HUNTER 3D and programming itself automatically with the land and how to deal with whatever and TIC and Rocky and whatever and put it down.

Indicators and numbers for each metal and vacuum also explains the quantity, size, depth directly on the screen.

My Hunter HUNTER contains reference and clarified tracking system to the user, and how to penetrate to the soil that describes digital counters.

Indicators of light and sound, make sure the device Hunter HUNTER 3D and the validity of his work and that it works properly during the process of exploration and make sure that the survey is correct.

Indicators of light and sound in case of an error in the process of exploration and surveying, and describes the type of situation that worked for her on the screen directly.

Could a Hunter HUNTER 3D new metal detectors of all kinds with visibility in the driver.

Was many experiences of machine Hunter HUNTER 3D by manufacturer 16 years before release.

Hunter HUNTER 3D device equipped with three sensors, each sensor has a depth of ground up.

My Hunter HUNTER 3D provider keys to adjust the main device that checks and analysis and move from one program to another.

Hunter HUNTER 3D device driver works in both Arabic and English.

A system to control the power and volume.

Special system controls the level of lighting device screen.

Hunter HUNTER 3D device battery 12 volt rechargeable with charger.

Special battery strength indicator shows how long the device will operate your Hunter HUNTER 3D.

Up your Hunter HUNTER 3D depth 12 meter underground very precisely.

Give your Hunter HUNTER 3D solid results up to 100% and after many trials and research.

Gives voice and repeaters and digital and photographic evidence of the lost treasures and sites and.

Write device Hunter HUNTER 3D metal name that has been detected and pictorial by writing at the top of the screen.


Cancel property of iron so that the machine will not give any indication or any representation for iron and a special programme to isolate iron and not respond.
Hunter HUNTER 3D device provider in three small scanner sensor works while running electromagnetic search system is a wonderful high discrimination and flour and this little scanner provider which penetrate to a depth of 5 metres with a tracking system and a special light glows while and Jude gold only and middle and large scanner for imaging and research operations.
Keyboard for the main unit of the device to adjust and the electromagnetic search system settings is strange by the scanner.
Results and data
The device gives Hunter HUNTER 3D picture and crystal clear objective and its shape and type.
Give your Hunter HUNTER 3D led and beep while the delicate and Joud above the goal.
Gives numerical indicators on the screen showing the target size and type and name.
A special programme to measure the depth of the target after locating him.
Graphs depicting how to target and put it underground.
The system distinguish between metals by means of indicators and numbers and percentages for each metal.
Details and plug detector Hunter
Work your Hunter HUNTER 3D PC computer monitor system for high-quality color size 12 x 17 cm mounted on the device shows all the data and coordinates.
Three Earth sensors sensitive scanner length 31.5 cm and 21 cm and sensitive scanner length 44 cm and 36 cm and large-size scanner sensor length 1 m and width of 60 cm.
Bag to prevent the main unit and managed to carry the device easily.
Big bag to contain and store the device with full equipment.
12-volt battery.
220 v electric charger.
Charger for your device installed in the vehicle.
Hunter HUNTER 3D PC industry was in more than one State and are-Greece – Germany and Japan – have been installed in Turkey country Antiquities and ancient treasures.
CD tutorial methods, and the device and how to dig for gold and treasures and burials.
English and Arabic catalogues.
Ensure that for a period of two years.

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