Golden King Plus 3D metal detectors

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Golden King Plus 3D

One of the most powerful devices globally and the latest technological system for metal detectors and gold relics and caves in the underground wonder and professional body of first instance, the legend of modern science. The exploration system is equipped with the technology does not exist currently in any other system in the world include this technology intriguing feature unparalleled processing for 3-d charts and is the only device that gives you the global workbook genuinely realistic 3D scene and full and high accuracy.

Discover real metal

The radar processing system godln UMA technology does not exist currently in any other system in the world. And this technique involving graphic handling feature unparalleled 3D excelled all previous 3D systems, but this is only a claim that such systems despite claiming coverage feature depictions of 3D graphs but they really just show some pictures in her memory during the phase of production, is a collection of images stored in various forms. And some of the companies producing these systems before they sell them at prices ranging from between 10.000 and 20.000 euros disappear for consumers and the fact that these devices work only invite charges recorded in upgrades. And this very obvious misguide. And now radar system Golden King for the first time in the world to show a true picture of the target. With a highly technical and equipment capacity unparalleled Super software not produced by by the radar system Golden King includes features and capabilities cannot be compared with the old detection techniques.

Discovery of gold ore

The device is capable of discovering gold ore and veins of gold and gold sandstone perfectly without being affected by volcanic rock or mineral soil and to greater depths of detectors gold ore in the world market.

Discover the real vacuum

Golden King radar offers its users the possibility of shooting 3-d charts in the results screen with the possibility of moving target image in many ways and all angles. This system provides us for the first time in the world. This system does not call the images and pre-recorded but fees for using signals from the target device is able to detect immediately voids and gaps as Earth caves and tunnels and hidden rooms with ease with the possibility to determine the contents of the vacuum of metals and it shows in the results screen is three-dimensional and recall that before a radar system Golden King customer was paying exorbitant amounts to show such images using survey techniques.

Imaging and analysis system for target

The full analysis of the signals received by the target by equipment and software covered by and used in the analysis, the device works on the automatic calibration of soil and recognize the shipments and frequencies resulting from soil and rocks and whatever the quality components to give accurate and reliable references about the type, size and quantity of metal detected and sends strong signals to penetrate all the difficult land and the strong reach into the depths of great ease to enable real research and enjoy your Reconnaissances to represent the best technology in the world only technical to overcome all incorrect references Of land and rocks of all kinds easily recognize your device on all precious metals and precious and gives quick results on the type of metal and clarified on screen quickly and directly it’s canceling of non-precious metals and iron from the search and exploration to become able to find precious metals and gold with ease and without any obstacles.
Radar and imaging system Navigator to plot with very high quality
Intelligent search system to control all user transactions
A signal processing feature 3D and real form explained
Automatic calibration of the Earth and is easy to use with the option of the Earth calibration manual
A 264,000 7 inch color and the possibility of viewing high quality
Keyboard performance made with high technology
Feature selection of languages: Arabic, English and Turkish and Bulgarian, Persian
High quality audio system
View feature references as three-dimensional images and recording video and archive
List of animated instructions
Easy with a heuristic system
The entire design, and complete resistance against moisture and water, cold & heat
Warranty for three years