GP3500 metal detector to find gold nuggets

GP3500 metal detector to find gold nuggets

GP3500 metal detector to find gold nuggets In the category Metal Detectors more articles and learn more information about GP3500 metal detector to find gold nuggets Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

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GP3500 metal detector to find gold nuggets


The latest technology has improved the depth of detection of DVT in 4 times compared to other detectors and increased sensitivity to small nuggets.


GP3500 unique detector Minelab technology Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) can detect even the tiniest gold particles in highly mineralized gold-bearing soils where other detectors were powerless.

GP3500 metal detector to find gold nuggets

The ability to use the round and elliptical DD and Mono coils of different diameter markedly increased the potential use of the detector, as in rocky terrain, among bushes or boulders and large tracts of waste landfills. Detect both very small nuggets weighing just 150 mg and large deep nuggets.


Professional metal detector GP3500 is designed specifically for artisanal gold mining and professional treasure hunters. The new detector is the improved model professional detector GP3000.

Girls and GOLD with Minelab GP3500 metal detector


New features: GP3500


• Low noise circuitry, allowing more smoothly adjusting tonal threshold, allowing you to hear signals from very shallow or deep nuggets.
• Button located in the handle of the detector Trak for fast and accurate balancing on a ground.


• Added the manual more precise adjustment of electrical noises.
• Automatic balancing System allows the operator to adjust speed on a ground balancing depending on the degree of mineralization of Fast, medium or Slow balancing.


modified Minelab GP Extreme pitted against standard GP3000


New technology of dual-voltage DVT has created a detector that combines excellent resistance to salinity of soil, great depth and high sensitivity to small nuggets. Mineralization of soil (the magnetic saturation of the Earth) unfavourable to detectors, greatly reduces their sensitivity and depth.
DVT technology used in the detector GP3500, is based on a voltage change of electromagnetic field detector search coil passed deep into the Earth. Minelab engineers found that using two different voltages in the transmitting coil detector of magnetic saturation effects the Earth ignored that greatly increases the depth and sensitivity of the detector allows you to work on difficult mineralized soils, principal companion gold nuggets.


GP3500 is fitted with Discriminate, allowing to distinguish the gold nuggets from the iron of junk. Sensitivity of the discriminator.


The kit includes: GP3500


battery 6V-12A/h to work 12-14 hours
bag-backpack for the battery,
Charger 220V and 12V car cigarette lighter socket,
headphones on wit the company Koss, string
coil size 11 inches made by technology DD.
Weight without battery 2630 g, battery weight  2095.




coils and DD Mono 15×12 “, 18” for deep search,
DD reel 10 x 5 “and 8” Mono “to search for very small nuggets.


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