Metal detector Garrett ACE 350

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Metal detector Garrett ACE 350

Garrett Ace 350 (Ace Euro). General description.


Garrett Ace 350 Euro: novelty, which immediately like.
New market middle-level budget metal detectors, Garrett Ace 350 Euro quickly found fans! Not surprising, because the detector absorbed many of the features of previous successful budget Garrett, but has many new features, and now you can learn many interesting things about it! If you like to use in their lives only novelties in the field of technology and electronics, metal detector Garrett Ace 350 Euro seems an excellent model of concise and remarkably hard-working metal detector. By selecting it, you can’t go wrong and get excellent Assistant in search of vintage items!

Metal detector Garrett ACE 350



Simplicity and adaptability


One of the main features and advantages of the detector is its simplicity, which will undoubtedly delight beginners and those who appreciate they come with minimalist wood manufacturability and functionality.
In the wake of the success of the budget model Garrett Ace 250, which does not cease to be produced and their fans, the designers of the company Garrett  did even more advanced, but still very loyal to the new model, equipped with the brand new sensor, as well as completely replacing an electronic stuffing box.
The designers did not fertilize them with the invention of new look, relying on the similarity with the earlier models will only benefit. Metal detector Garrett Ace 350 turned out very successful detector, as evidenced by its owners and the tests conducted by our specialists.
Detection depth is impressive: a small silver coin detector “sees” the Earth at a distance of 15-17 inches, while the ruble-Catherine 30-35 inches!


Meet the euro version of the Garrett Ace 350 before you!


So, start getting to know Garrett Ace 350 Euro! The device superficially very similar to the previous model 250. The similarity is that the new device has the same S-shaped skeleton, consisting of three bars. Upper and lower average aluminum rods, made of durable plastic. Metal detector Garrett Ace 350 uses a very simple scheme of fixing the rods through the spring buttons: no nonsense, easy!
On the top bar of the detector has an armrest with soft synthetic porous foam sized waste with strap on “Velcro” to hand execution is absolutely tight and not dangled during exploration work.
The control unit is tough, and the handle is suitable for use with both gloves and without modification. Orange-yellow color of the control unit and arm rest allocate entire line Ace metal detectors.


Perhaps, there the similarities end with the models of previous releases, the differences start, with strong and pleasant enough.


Technical characteristics


GTAx technology
Number of frequencies 1
The main working frequency,  8.25 kHz
No frequency shift
Electrical interference tweak no
Pin Point mode is
Battery life, up to 30 hours
There is a headphone jack
Weight,  1.3 kg
Number of work programmes 5
Sensitivity adjustment (segments) from 1 to 8